10 Cool Kitchen Designs for Your Minimalist Home

Take a look at some of our 10 Cool Kitchen Designs for Your Minimalist Home

Kitchen Designs Minimalist Home

Kitchen design as an important space in a house must pay attention to various elements. Elements of movement comfort, furniture layout, ease of maintenance, and good lighting and air circulation. Before designing a kitchen, we must know the habits of the “cook” who will use the kitchen; movement patterns, cooking order, and stature. Indeed, many kitchen furniture has been sold in various stores, but often the furniture is not optimal and less comfortable for the wearer.

Minimalist kitchen design does not only pay attention to all these elements. Minimalist kitchen design must also be able to provide as few pieces of furniture as possible to optimize kitchen functions. A minimalist kitchen design must be clever in getting around the space and furniture and harmonizing it with the surrounding spaces.

This article presents 10 cool kitchen designs for a minimalist home that can inspire you to design a cool minimalist kitchen for your home.

  1. Tropical minimalist kitchen
Tropical Kitchen Designs

This tropical minimalist kitchen is cool not only from its appearance, but also because it is full of meaning. The design, which is based on Feng Shui, with demands on the size and placement of a specific space, turns out to be able to perform its function optimally. The success of completing the challenge of collaborating Feng Shui with the beauty of design makes this tropical minimalist kitchen extraordinarily cool. The material for kitchen furniture is dominated by logs as one of the elements that underlie Feng Shui while strengthening the natural tropical impression. The character and color of wood become a cool and luxurious “point of interest” that balances the “coldness” of a white-dominated space, as well as symbolizing the balance of “ýin and yang” in life.

  1. Modern minimalist kitchen

Color choices for minimalist designs are usually dominated by matching monochrome colors, such as white, black, and gray. However, that does not mean it is possible to combine various colors. Dezan Studio proves this through the collaboration of white and light brown wood with light blue and orange as accents in the kitchen space. The display of bright colors with balanced portions makes a minimalist kitchen look cool and unique.

Minimalist kitchen with predominantly white furniture blends cool with natural wood fibers. This clean and natural look reinforces the minimalist impression in this kitchen.

  1. Minimalist open-plan kitchen

As one of the characteristics of a minimalist design, open-plan space also includes a kitchen in it.

Togetherness in the use of space between the kitchen and dining table must be balanced with a combination of designs that collaborate to unite and complement each other. The use of the same or matching colors and materials is able to get around the demands of this design.

  1. Minimalist pop art kitchen

Although in small portions, this tiny minimalist kitchen is able to side with the pop art-style sitting room next to it. The combination of these two styles, minimalism and pop art, is reinforced by wall tiles with small plaid patterns on the wall near the sink.

  1. Mid-century minimalist kitchen
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It turns out that minimalist style can collaborate coolly in mid-century style. The use of wood that displays the color of milk chocolate strengthens its natural character. Although, usually minimalist designs are dominated by horizontal and vertical lines with 900 angles, the curved shapes in the corners of the pantry tables and chairs actually give a simple and beautiful mid-century design character. The ‘simple’ shape of the pantry table also reinforces the minimalist impression.

  1. Contemporary minimalist kitchen

Minimalist design with a predominance of horizontal and vertical lines can still be juxtaposed with contemporary styles. The clean white kitchen at Inset House proves it chic and sleek with its symmetrical square cupboards and countertops with pendant lights and contemporary style dining table chairs.

This time, a mix of minimalist and contemporary styles is displayed from the minimalist box pantry table with contemporary-style chairs and chandeliers.

  1. Industrial minimalist kitchen

In terms of color selection, minimalist and industrial designs are not much different, both utilize monochrome colors that are in line with black and gray tendencies. Alvin Tjitrowirjo cleverly took advantage of the similarities between these two architectural styles. Metal plates with horizontal lines and a cooker hood prove how cool these two styles combine.

Materials such as wood and concrete that are rough-finished and deliberately exposed have their own charm for minimalist designs that collaborate with industrial styles. Even though it only uses a small space under the stairs, with the ingenious combination of materials and architectural styles, this tiny kitchen is able to appear neat, unique, and cool.

  1. Small minimalist kitchen

A kitchen is considered cool not because of its size or expensive furniture, but also as an appreciation of the kitchen’s ability to optimize its function with a neat and unique appearance.

  1. Minimalist all-white kitchen

This cool minimalist kitchen comes with an all-white color display. Not only ordinary white, but deliberately designed with a glossy white color that reflects light as if it were a mirror. Lighting and ventilation for the kitchen are obtained from the open space in the middle of the house area as a courtyard and swimming pool. Between the kitchen and other spaces are designed with the concept of “open plan” which maximizes minimalist design through the use of little furniture, simplicity, and white dominance. Overall, this minimalist kitchen looks super clean with lighting that is reinforced by the reflection of the light from the furniture.

This minimalist IS House kitchen is cool with a clean white look accented by the horizontal and vertical lines of the kitchen cabinets. The three chrome-plated chandeliers are balanced and provide a minimalist, yet cool “point of interest.”

The clean appearance of all kitchen furniture all in white makes the IPCW Residence kitchen look cool and hygienic.

  1. An all-black minimalist kitchen

Who said black is dull, dirty and unattractive? In design, any color can appear attractive thanks to a clever skill. Glossy black color in kitchen cabinets is no less cool than other colors, it has added value from the black character that shows sturdiness.

Junitalia Tan’s small kitchen, which is dominated by black marble color and wooden lines, is able to appear as a ‘point of interest’ in an all-white corner of the room.

  1. Cheerful minimalist kitchen

Minimalist design does not mean minimal colors and monotony. Every design in any architectural style has its own ability to appreciate the richness of each character. A minimalist kitchen can still highlight its character in various colors.

Although usually, minimalist designs appear with matching monochrome colors, contrasting colors can still be combined, and even become a special attraction.

Kitchen Designs Minimalist Home

Always remember, there are no limits in developing designs for spaces with any need. Indeed, there must be an architectural style that forms the basis of the overall design. However, it does not mean that there is no opportunity to collaborate with other architectural styles. In fact, you can create your own style that is suitable and comfortable for you. Think openly and creatively, make your home design, especially your minimalist kitchen original and cool.

7 Tips How do you make a narrow living room look wider?

This is about ways to arrange a narrow minimalist house that feels wider, How do you make a narrow living room look wider?

Tired of the minimalist home that feels cramped? Moms can redecorate the space in a minimalist home to make it feel wider. You just need to keep it simple and neat.

“Minimalism for me is keeping the space simple, not cluttered, and accentuating an interesting space architecture,” said designer at B Interior LLC, Sharon Blaustein, quoted from Decor.

Reported by the House Beautiful page, there are 7 tips you can do to make a minimalist home feel wider. How do you make a narrow living room look wider?

  1. Think about the layout

Before starting to rearrange the house, it’s a good idea to make a list of things that will be prioritized first. For example, the one that feels the most cramped is the kitchen, so you should first make a kitchen design.

Imagine about what furniture fits in the kitchen, but its size doesn’t make the room narrower than before. We recommend that you use multifunctional furniture so that you don’t have too many items in the kitchen.

  1. Multifunctional

A multipurpose room is what is needed in a minimalist home. There’s nothing wrong with having a large room with two functions at once, Mother.

Combining the kitchen and living room, for example, can instantly expand the space and add light. If all this time there is a wall that becomes a barrier, you can ask professional advice to replace it.

  1. Creating a new space

Extending the house either to the outside or to the top can provide a cost-effective alternative to moving house yes, Mother. If it’s still lacking, the attic can also be used as a bedroom or bathroom, Mother.

This new room can also be used as a storage area for goods. So that the Mother’s house feels more spacious.

  1. Be organized
How do you make a narrow living room look wider?
How do you make a narrow living room look wider?

Storage solutions are best planned at an early stage before redecorating starts, Mom. When arranging the room, Mother can pour creative ideas to consider the best things.

The choice of wardrobe, for example, is determined very carefully so that you don’t buy the wrong one and save more costs. The size does not have to be large, but it can have plenty of space to neatly put the types of clothes that mothers often use daily.

  1. Decoration tricks

Whatever your favorite look and theme, everything can be adapted to the room you have. The latest designs with wallpaper will certainly match and make the room look attractive.

Moms can also use paint with fresh and attractive colors, and tempting fabrics for the walls. Most importantly, you need to limit the number of patterns and colors so that it doesn’t look too crowded.

  1. The right furniture

Finding furniture is the easiest thing in decorating a house. Just by surfing the internet or walking along the highway, you can find interesting and unique furniture.

Use furniture that is functional, but with a design that is adapted to a narrow room, including a small kitchen or small bathroom, Mother. Don’t fill every space with bulky furniture.

  1. Take advantage of the corner of the room

If there is a little empty corner in a minimalist home room, you can use it to put items that are often used. So you don’t have to enter the storage box which is quite complicated when it is taken.

For example, your hobby of making cakes. Then there is a corner in the kitchen that is empty. Use it to store ovens and other appliances that are often used.

Try How do you make a narrow living room look wider?

2 Important Keys So That A Minimalist House Is Always Neat

2 Important Keys So That A Minimalist House Is Always Neat

Arranging a minimalist house is not difficult, Mother. Most importantly, Mother must be careful in sorting the function of the goods, especially with a limited space capacity.
Moms can start from now on to arrange indoor items so that a minimalist home always looks neat, without spending money.

“The concept of minimalism is essentially applied as a solution to the problem of storage and better arrangement of goods. It is also easy to store and retrieve,” said a lecturer in interior architecture at Ciputra University in Surabaya.

A messy minimalist house, apart from feeling uncomfortable, is also unsightly, Mother. So mothers need to take the free time to tidy up a minimalist home.

There are various ways that can be applied to create a minimalist house that is always neat. Of the many ways, there are major keys that are important to try.

Well, here are 2 important keys so that a minimalist home is always neat, as reported by Apartment Therapy.

  1. Storage

Indeed, there is nothing wrong with collecting lots of items, especially for collection. But, if this is done in a narrow minimalist house, it will certainly make the room feel full of many items that are actually less useful.
You should hurry to start making changes, so that your minimalist home looks more spacious and tidy. For example, sorting out collectibles to be displayed or used and the rest to be stored.

To make it easier to store goods, you can put your unused items into boxes. While re-sorting the items according to their function and type, then label the boxes according to their contents so that they are easy to find.

By applying the right storage of goods, it is guaranteed that your house will feel spacious, comfortable, beautiful, and of course neat. In addition, if at any time you need items stored in cardboard boxes, you don’t need to unload all the furniture in the house to look for just one thing.

Moms can also teach your little one to start to be responsible for their own toys, by providing understanding to immediately tidy things up after being used into the container.

  1. Rotation

The rotation referred to here is the movement of goods as you wish, Mother. This means that items that mothers use or display in a minimalist home today can be replaced with objects stored in cardboard boxes.
For example, Mother collects a variety of beautiful and unique dishes. So, you can use enough plates according to the number of family members. Then, if you feel that you are tired of using the plate, you can rotate your other collection of plates so that the plates you save can still be useful.

You can apply this rotation pattern regularly. So that all of your collections are not in vain and end up in boxes.

It cannot be denied, applying this rule will make the atmosphere of the house less boring, Mother. But, still make sure the items that are stored are safe and well maintained.