Secret, Tips for Comfortable Living Room

The Secret of a Comfortable Living Room

The family room is the life, the heart of the house which is the center of life. There are too many memories in the family room of a house. How to make all the memories that will continue to be made always beautiful? To make it happen, it takes a comfortable family room. If you are confused because you have a family room with unclear nuances or how to start making a comfortable family room, try to follow some of the tips below.

Have a “Conversation”

Arrange the living room chairs or sofas facing each other and place the table in the center. With this arrangement, the family room will be very inviting for people to have real conversations (hopefully without cell phone interference).

Determine the Center of Gravity of the Living Room

The center of gravity of a living room is where the largest size furniture you want to place. For example, you can place the sofa in the middle of the room (not blocking the road). The center of gravity usually serves as your anchor or place to start arranging other furniture.

Keep Furniture Distance from Wall

distance furniture to wall

Do not be tempted by the temptation to attach furniture or furniture to the walls of the living room. At first glance it may sound ridiculous to do this especially with the roar of a narrow family. However, think about a little room to breathe, to make room for a little bit of light flow.

Use the Coffee Table

You can use a coffee table that is not too high in the middle as the main table surrounded by chairs or sofas in the living room. If it is too high, the coffee table will be too dominant, and if it is too small it will not give the impression of anything.

Post Artwork

Tips for Comfortable Living Room

Try hanging

one or two pieces of art like a painting in a family room. Such works of art guarantee a distinct feel to your living room. do not leave the walls of your living room empty just like that.

Use the Power of the Carpet

Tips for Comfortable Living Room

The use of carpet can be a marker of where the main seat of a family room is. In addition, carpet shapes such as square, round or rectangle can give a distinct nuance effect to your living room

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