10 Ways to Beautify Your Home’s Wood Floors

10 Ways to Beautify Your Home’s Wood Floors

The use of wood for the floor of the house can give its own statement for your home decoration. Hardwood floors are very easy to maintain and hardwood floors that have been in place for several years are rarely bent or damaged, provided you take good care of them.

Hardwood floors are also a practical option, all you need to do is mop and vacuum what is on them to keep them looking clean and well-groomed. There are several ways to beautify wooden floors in your home. The following are the most frequently used.

Use a special soap to get a Scandinavian style wooden floor.

Wood Floors

Get white results on wooden floors by using Scandinavian style tips and using special soaps for your wood floors. You can use a special lye solution on sanded wood floors to lighten the wood and remove dark colors.

After that, use white wood soap which will protect the wooden floor so that the color doesn’t fade quickly. Take care of wooden floors by reapplying white soap.

White paint your floors.

Wood Floors

White painted wooden floors are perfect for homes that require more lighting or lighting. The white floor will bring a contemporary style to the old house with the condition of old and worn wooden floors. White floor color is also widely used as a minimalist home paint color.

Use a special paint for wooden floors to avoid slippery floors. Don’t forget to mop the wooden floor every week and don’t hesitate to repaint your floor if you feel bothered by scratches appearing on the floor.

Choose an elegant gray color.

grey Wood Floors

If black might be too dark and whites feel too light, try painting your wood floors a neutral color like gray or pale blue. Grays on the floor can be paired with pastel colors on the walls to add statement to the room.

Consider varnishing wooden floors.

brown Wood Floors

In order for your hardwood floors to last longer and have a smooth finish, try varnishing your wood floors. Most varnishes contain polyurethane, which can waterproof wood and coat it like plastic. The results can range from glossy to matte.

The disadvantage of varnish results is that when the surface is damaged because it has been used for too long or is exposed to friction from other furniture, it will be very difficult to repair. The only way out is to sand the entire room and varnish it.

Try to hit the colors.

Wood Floors corner

Using a variety of non-uniform colors for your floors and furniture can create an eye-catching look. You can use furniture or accessories in colliding colors.

Back to black.

black Wood Floors

If your house is filled with natural colors and you want to add a dark color to your house, maybe you can use black paint on your wood floors. Black floors add a dramatic feel and go great with dark wood furniture.

You have to be careful choosing the finish for black wood floors because it is very difficult to maintain to keep it durable. If you have pets, the black wooden floor will make the fur of your pet more visible.

Finishing using wax.

classic Wood Floors

Fans of traditional wood flooring may want to make the appearance of their wood flooring a little older. Hard wax products contain a mixture of natural oils such as linseed and sunflower oil, as well as a mixture that protects the wood and its texture.

For a lighter color, wax products with white dye can be used. The results can be glossy, satin and matte.

Wax was applied using a roller and allowed to dry. Apply twice. After that you only need to treat the floor by re-applying the wax on your wood floor. The disadvantage of waxed wood floors is that you have to reapply it frequently.

Try using dark colors.

The first step to take to get a dark finish that emphasizes the texture of your wood flooring is experimenting with how to stain your wood floor.

You will need to do some experimenting before you get the dark color you want. You will have to experiment with how to stain the sanded wood floor until you find the color you want.

You may even need to mix several colors to get the right color. Once you’ve got the color you want, you’ll need to let your floor dry overnight and then add three coats of varnish.

Use recycled wood.

If you want wood floors to be of the same quality as real wood, you may want to use recycled wood. Recycled wood has a high price. Recycled wood uses planks or wood taken from other properties to add character to new buildings or repair damaged areas.

For those of you who want to have a more luxurious wood floor, maybe you can consider using recycled parquet wood which will add a wow effect and have a variety of patterns. It should be noted that installing recycled parquet can only be done by a professional and is expensive.

Create a vintage style floor.

If you are tired of wooden floors in your house that still look good and well-maintained, maybe you want to make some scratches on your wood floors to add a vintage feel to the room.

You can add several coats of paint to the floor and then stroke a few sections to create a contrasting color from the paint underneath. Test it out on a plank or piece of wood first to see what results you like best.