Storage Design Ideas for Kids, which is Super Cute and Beautiful

storage bedroom for kids

Storage Design Ideas for Kids, which is Super Cute and Beautiful

Children’s cot and storage by Bigger Than The Three of Us //

Arranging a child’s room or playroom with lots of items, making storage areas an important element that keeps the room clean and tidy. As is well known, children often find it difficult to organize and store their belongings. On the other hand, they also have difficulty finding certain items because they are not stored properly. Well, this time will share ideas for storage for children to make it easier for them to store and find their belongings.

Lounge Chair with Window Shelf and Storage Drawer

Shelves, drawers and lounge chairs by the window by MA Allen Interiors //

Storage Design Ideas for Kids

Children always need a fun place to play. With the concept of smart seating, your children can freely play casually. And also, items within easy reach. In addition, because of its position near the window, it will give a bright impression that makes the mood to play more excited and fun.

Shelf with Basket for Separating and Organizing Items

Storage rack with baskets by Young House Love // ​​

The next toy storage idea is very practical for tidy up activities. A storage rack with a basket will make it easier for your child and you to separate your things. This easy-to-move basket will make it easier for you when tidying and tidying things. Even children will have no trouble finding the items or toys they are looking for.

Storage and Display at the same time

Storage rack as well as display rack Veneer Designs //

Try to pay attention to differences in your child’s behavior when tidying things. For example, do your daughters tend to be tidier than boys, or vice versa. Therefore, you can try a children’s toy rack that combines closed storage and open storage for display models. You can arrange the dolls on open shelves, while books you rarely read in closed storage. Take advantage of closed shelves to avoid a messy impression.

Toy Storage Under the Bed

Toy storage drawer under the bed by Bri Heiligenthal //

You can use the space under the bed as a storage area, be it for clothes or toys. Some children like the kind of play as if they are “building” something, like assembling a railroad track. In this case, adequate storage for children is needed.

Playroom with “Floating” Bed

Boys’ room with loafing bed by Oeuf le Blog //

The next children’s room storage concept is suitable for those of you who have limited space. You can still create a playground as well as a child’s room, you know. The “floating” bed will give you extra space at the bottom, so it can be used to place a variety of storage or storage areas.

Decorative Storage Cabinets

Decorative storage cabinet by Marie Willumsen //

Storage ideas for children can also use decorative cabinets. In fact, you can order furniture specifically or make it yourself by making a few modifications. As a result, you will have a beautiful piece of furniture for your child’s room or playroom.

All-inclusive concept table

All-in table custom made by Joanna //

The concept of a combination of shelves and tables is perfect for practical and versatile storage for children. The table has a large storage area that can be used to store various toys and supplies. In addition, a well-organized storage will make it easier for you to place various items. Especially for your little one’s learning needs, from books to various stationery.

Storage Design Ideas for Kids is crucial in a child’s room or playroom. Often times, they need a space that is not only large, but also well organized. The storage area that is accompanied by an organizer will also make it easier for you to clean up later.

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