5 minimalist dining room design inspiration, narrow but aesthetic

5 minimalist dining room design inspiration, narrow but aesthetic

The dining room is certainly visited by the family at home every day, Mother. If you live in a minimalist house with a narrow dining area, you can still arrange it in such a way that it feels spacious and comfortable to use, Mother.
“Use the right table to achieve desires, without sacrificing space,” explained Alessandra Wood, interior design expert, reported by My Domaine.

Even though the dining room in your minimalist home is narrow, there’s no need to worry. Moms can redesign the appearance of the dining room to make it wider and aesthetically pleasing with minimal costs.

If you want the appearance of a narrow, minimalist home dining room to seem more aesthetic, there are ways you can do it without spending a lot of money. Reported by The Spruce, here are 5 inspirations for minimalist home dining room designs.

  1. Use wallpaper

To design a minimalist home dining room that looks aesthetically pleasing, you can use wallpaper as an option. Wallpaper can cover the shortcomings found in the walls of your minimalist home.

Wallpaper with a certain design can also make a room feel spacious and captivate the eye. No wonder that wallpaper is often used as a solution to make the dining room and other minimalist home rooms look beautiful.

If you are interested in designing a dining room with wallpaper, you can also add beautiful decorative ornaments to the walls. Choose the color that matches the wallpaper, Mother.

  1. The combination of classic and modern styles

If you want to balance the dining room concept, just mix classic and modern styles as the solution. The classic and modern style design creates a stunning dining room ambiance. So people who are there can focus on the design rather than the narrow dining area.

Moms can combine the two styles by choosing the right furniture. For example, the walls, chandeliers and chairs are white in a modern style, while the cabinets and floors are made of wood in a classic style. Hmm, have you imagined its beauty yet, Mother?

  1. Paint with white

The white color is identical to the neutral nuances of a minimalist home. In addition to the dining room walls that are painted white, you can also add other furniture that is also white in color.

For example, the dining table, cupboards and furniture are white. Then so that the white color doesn’t dominate too much, you can use a floor made of brown wood so that the dining room looks aesthetic.

tips small dining room
  1. Take advantage of the kitchen as a dining room

Minimalist house designs are sometimes built with a limited space capacity, so it’s no wonder that sometimes the dining room is not available, Mother. However, of course it is not a big problem. Moms can use the kitchen as a dining room with an attractive display decoration.

Make the most of the kitchen and dining room as possible. This method is fairly simple, because you only need to put the dining table and chairs in a place that feels comfortable in the kitchen.

  1. Use tables and chairs like in a cafe

In order for your dining room to appear aesthetically pleasing, there’s nothing wrong with choosing tables and chairs that are similar to furniture in your favorite cafe. Not only expensive, there are various online shops that sell small tables and chairs at affordable prices. Originally, Mother was still patient to find the right model and price.

In order to make it look more aesthetic, you can add other beautiful ornaments to the dining table and walls. In order to give the impression of a dining room like in a classy cafe.

Tips for Designing a Simple, Cozy Minimalist Home

Creating a cozy or comfortable space in the house is everyone’s dream. The ‘cozy’ style is often associated with the minimalist home concept, Bun.

Quoting Freshome, this minimalist house with style makes use of the best part of a design’s function and combines it to make the interior feel comfortable. When building a comfortable, minimalist look, the key is to make things functional.

Designing a Simple, Cozy Minimalist Home

Do this by building a space around the furniture. If you are designing a bedroom, let the bed be the focal point without too many things that irritate the eyes.

As for the living room, focus on the design on one main seating area. The key is to let other design elements, such as furniture, play a supporting role that doesn’t steal the show.

To choose suitable furniture, we should stay focused on a minimalist style. The focus is on choosing a slimmer cut, without too much visual weight.

According to the author of the book Cozy Minimalist Home: More Style, Less Stuff, Myquillyn Smith, creating a comfortable minimalist home means that we are ready to vacate the room. If the room is empty visually it will look calm, while the room is full visually looks crowded.

“The room slowly looks more crowded when adding furniture, accessories, and items. The more items in the room, the more sound is produced and the more it looks crowded,” said Smith, reported by Motherly.

Removing as much noise as possible from the room can make us calm and comfortable. Then how to start designing a simple, cozy minimalist house?

Smith said, first of course we have to clear the room. This job may be fun but it is also uncomfortable. We should have the intention, feel confident, and not grumble a lot.

“The more we grumble and start wondering if item elimination is a bad trick, the more likely there is a lot of stuff we don’t really use,” says Smith.

To create a comfortable room in a minimalist home, we need a place to accommodate items while we are designing the room. We can put things on the porch or basement before sorting to put back into the house.

Moving things around will make the house messy, but the end result will be of use to our convenience, Bun. In the end, we will know that to properly design a comfortable room, if the only things left in the living room are a sofa, a chair or two, a coffee table and a television.