7 Best Ornamental Indoor Plants for Beginners, Easy to Care at Home

7 Best Ornamental Plants for Beginners, Easy to Care at Home

In the new normal era, many new hobbies have sprung up to fill spare time at home. Caring for ornamental plants, for example, which is now popular with the community.

There are various benefits that can be learned if you care for ornamental plants, Mother. As the home page becomes more beautiful, and ornamental plants can supply clean air that is good for body health.

Well, if you are looking for references, take a look at the 7 best ornamental plants for beginners that are easy to care for at home, summarized from various sources.

  1. Sansevieria

Sansevieria is a historically recognized genus of flowering plants, native to Africa, Madagascar and southern Asia, now included in the genus Dracaena on the basis of molecular phylogenetic studies

This type of ornamental plant is certainly familiar to your ear, Mother. Sansevieria  is an ornamental plant known for its toughness.
Maintenance is easy, just water it regularly. This Sansevieria  ornamental plant is suitable to be placed in the room or in the yard.

If indoors, Sansevieria  ornamental plant can also absorb pollution. As well as processing it into oxygen. So, its good, indoor plant for living room.

  1. Aglaonema

This ornamental plant which has the name Aglaonema is suitable to be placed indoors or outdoors, you know, Mother. The beautiful red and green leaves make it look eye-catching.

Aglaonema ornamental plants also have many benefits, for example absorbing carbon dioxide and toxins. So, it is very suitable when placed in the corner of the room.

But, also pay attention to the room temperature so it’s not too hot or too cold, Mother. So that the growth is perfect.

  1. Cactus

Cactus ornamental plants are widely hunted to decorate homes because of their ease of maintenance. Just imagine, this ornamental plant can survive even in extreme conditions.

Moms can place cactus plants near the window glass to keep getting sun exposure. If the stems are shriveled, this is a sign that the cactus needs water as soon as possible, Mother.

Simply water the cactus plant using a sprayer, and make sure that no standing water settles on this ornamental plant.

  1. Betel ivory
7 Best Ornamental Indoor Plants for Beginners, Easy to Care at Home

Epipremnum aureum is a species of flowering plant in the arum family Araceae, native to Mo’orea in the Society Islands of French Polynesia. The species is a popular houseplant in temperate regions, but has also become naturalised in tropical and sub-tropical forests worldwide, including northern Australia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Pacific Islands and the West Indies, where it has caused severe ecological damage in some cases. (wikipedia)

Epipremnum aureum is a leaf ornamental plant that is suitable to be planted by hanging it using a pot. So, it’s perfect for mothers who want to have hanging ornamental plants.

This ornamental plant will dangle its leaves down. So that it gives a beautiful and unique impression to the house.

Treatment is not difficult. In order for Epipremnum aureum ornamental plants to thrive, mothers need to provide fertilizer and water it every day.

  1. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a succulent ornamental plant that is widely grown in Indonesia. So no need to be difficult to find.

Aloe vera ornamental plants have the characteristics of thick leaf flesh. Besides that, it is also serrated at the edges.

Apart from its beautiful shape, aloe vera is also known as an ornamental plant that is rich in beauty benefits, Mother. Cool.

  1. Lili Paris

For mothers who are not familiar with Paris lilies, this is an ornamental plant that is very easy to care for compared to other types, you know. This ornamental plant can thrive in various types of soil.

This ornamental plant care is quite easy. You just need to water it every morning, then cut any leaves that look dry.

In order for ornamental plants to grow perfectly, Mother can provide fertilizer once a month. Just enough, Mother.

  1. Peace lily
Indoor Plants for Beginners

The uniqueness of the peace lily ornamental plant lies in its white flower color. The flowers look charming and eye-catching.

The peace lily ornamental plant brings various benefits that are good for the body, including being able to clean the air, help improve sleep quality, and reduce the development of mold in the bathroom.

To care for it, you need to water it when the soil looks dry and the leaves are wilted. The placement of this ornamental plant must be in a room that is a little light and cool, Mother.

7 Dark Color For A Minimalist Home Bedroom Ideas

7 Dark Color For A Minimalist Home Bedroom Ideas

Minimalist home bedroom decoration, of course, must be designed as well as possible to give a comfortable impression while resting. One way to make a minimalist home bedroom look beautiful is to paint it with your favorite color.
“When choosing a paint color, choose your favorite color, then choose one lighter and one darker,” said Amy Krane, a professional architectural color consultant, reported by Forbes.

Even though it seems uncommon, dark colors can actually make your bedroom in a minimalist home look even more charming, you know. So if you have a dark color that is your favorite, feel free to choose it to paint a minimalist home bedroom.

So, if you are still unsure about which dark color you want to use, here are 7 dark colors that can be a choice for a minimalist bedroom wall paint, quoted from The Spruce.

  1. Brown Color
Dark Color For A Minimalist Home Bedroom Ideas

If the minimalist home bedroom is narrow, you can use brown paint to create a spacious impression in the room. The brown paint color carries the theme of simplicity, so it is very suitable to be applied to a minimalist home bedroom.

If you are interested in this one color, you can combine it with white furniture to create an elegant impression. In addition, the combination of brown and white will make the room feel warm and comfortable.

  1. Black

If you want to maintain the authenticity of the basic theme of a dark, minimalist home, you can include black in the bedroom. If you are afraid that the atmosphere is too dark, black can be used on one side of the wall only. Then use another color for the rest of the existing wall surface.

Another variation for this one color choice, you can combine it with white furniture as an option. The combination of black and white gives a modern, masculine and minimalist impression, Mother.

  1. Dark gray

Dark gray is often referred to as the basic color of minimalist home buildings. The resulting appearance is no less beautiful than any other color, Mother.

Besides that, the dark gray color can give a comfortable impression and it doesn’t look tacky, you know. Moms can apply dark gray color with painting displays on the walls, and furniture that gives a glamorous impression in the bedroom. By applying this color, your minimalist home bedroom will look classic in style.

  1. Navy blue
Dark Color For A Minimalist Home Bedroom Ideas

Now, if you choose the navy blue color, it is perfect for mothers who like a beautiful rural style or a beach atmosphere that is cool to the eye. Even though it seems simple, it doesn’t mean that the resulting design will seem old and boring, Mother.

To create a beautiful atmosphere, you can combine navy blue with modern furniture in your traditional-style bedroom.

  1. Dark green
Green Dark Color Bedroom Ideas

For mothers who like the panoramic beauty of nature, the dark green color is certainly inherent in the heart and is an option, yes. The dark green color in a minimalist home bedroom can make the room feel cool, fresh, and captivate the eye, Mother.

Dark green color is believed to have various benefits that are good for the body, including relieving stress, excessive anxiety, and providing comfort.

  1. Dark red
dark red bedroom color ideas

The dark red color is also suitable for a minimalist home bedroom. Mothers can combine dark red walls with brightly colored furniture to balance the strength of the color it produces.

The appearance of the bedroom will certainly feel elegant when using this concept. Mother’s bedroom will also look unique.

  1. Dark purple

If you want a minimalist home bedroom to look stunning with dark colors, you can use dark purple as an option. A deep purple bedroom decor will bring you a touch of contemporary style that catches the eye.

This color choice is perfect for mothers who like peace and quiet in the bedroom. In order for the room to feel spacious, you can use bright lights and make large windows to get enough natural lighting.

2 Important Keys So That A Minimalist House Is Always Neat

2 Important Keys So That A Minimalist House Is Always Neat

Arranging a minimalist house is not difficult, Mother. Most importantly, Mother must be careful in sorting the function of the goods, especially with a limited space capacity.
Moms can start from now on to arrange indoor items so that a minimalist home always looks neat, without spending money.

“The concept of minimalism is essentially applied as a solution to the problem of storage and better arrangement of goods. It is also easy to store and retrieve,” said a lecturer in interior architecture at Ciputra University in Surabaya.

A messy minimalist house, apart from feeling uncomfortable, is also unsightly, Mother. So mothers need to take the free time to tidy up a minimalist home.

There are various ways that can be applied to create a minimalist house that is always neat. Of the many ways, there are major keys that are important to try.

Well, here are 2 important keys so that a minimalist home is always neat, as reported by Apartment Therapy.

  1. Storage

Indeed, there is nothing wrong with collecting lots of items, especially for collection. But, if this is done in a narrow minimalist house, it will certainly make the room feel full of many items that are actually less useful.
You should hurry to start making changes, so that your minimalist home looks more spacious and tidy. For example, sorting out collectibles to be displayed or used and the rest to be stored.

To make it easier to store goods, you can put your unused items into boxes. While re-sorting the items according to their function and type, then label the boxes according to their contents so that they are easy to find.

By applying the right storage of goods, it is guaranteed that your house will feel spacious, comfortable, beautiful, and of course neat. In addition, if at any time you need items stored in cardboard boxes, you don’t need to unload all the furniture in the house to look for just one thing.

Moms can also teach your little one to start to be responsible for their own toys, by providing understanding to immediately tidy things up after being used into the container.

  1. Rotation

The rotation referred to here is the movement of goods as you wish, Mother. This means that items that mothers use or display in a minimalist home today can be replaced with objects stored in cardboard boxes.
For example, Mother collects a variety of beautiful and unique dishes. So, you can use enough plates according to the number of family members. Then, if you feel that you are tired of using the plate, you can rotate your other collection of plates so that the plates you save can still be useful.

You can apply this rotation pattern regularly. So that all of your collections are not in vain and end up in boxes.

It cannot be denied, applying this rule will make the atmosphere of the house less boring, Mother. But, still make sure the items that are stored are safe and well maintained.