7 Tips How do you make a narrow living room look wider?

This is about ways to arrange a narrow minimalist house that feels wider, How do you make a narrow living room look wider?

Tired of the minimalist home that feels cramped? Moms can redecorate the space in a minimalist home to make it feel wider. You just need to keep it simple and neat.

“Minimalism for me is keeping the space simple, not cluttered, and accentuating an interesting space architecture,” said designer at B Interior LLC, Sharon Blaustein, quoted from Decor.

Reported by the House Beautiful page, there are 7 tips you can do to make a minimalist home feel wider. How do you make a narrow living room look wider?

  1. Think about the layout

Before starting to rearrange the house, it’s a good idea to make a list of things that will be prioritized first. For example, the one that feels the most cramped is the kitchen, so you should first make a kitchen design.

Imagine about what furniture fits in the kitchen, but its size doesn’t make the room narrower than before. We recommend that you use multifunctional furniture so that you don’t have too many items in the kitchen.

  1. Multifunctional

A multipurpose room is what is needed in a minimalist home. There’s nothing wrong with having a large room with two functions at once, Mother.

Combining the kitchen and living room, for example, can instantly expand the space and add light. If all this time there is a wall that becomes a barrier, you can ask professional advice to replace it.

  1. Creating a new space

Extending the house either to the outside or to the top can provide a cost-effective alternative to moving house yes, Mother. If it’s still lacking, the attic can also be used as a bedroom or bathroom, Mother.

This new room can also be used as a storage area for goods. So that the Mother’s house feels more spacious.

  1. Be organized
How do you make a narrow living room look wider?
How do you make a narrow living room look wider?

Storage solutions are best planned at an early stage before redecorating starts, Mom. When arranging the room, Mother can pour creative ideas to consider the best things.

The choice of wardrobe, for example, is determined very carefully so that you don’t buy the wrong one and save more costs. The size does not have to be large, but it can have plenty of space to neatly put the types of clothes that mothers often use daily.

  1. Decoration tricks

Whatever your favorite look and theme, everything can be adapted to the room you have. The latest designs with wallpaper will certainly match and make the room look attractive.

Moms can also use paint with fresh and attractive colors, and tempting fabrics for the walls. Most importantly, you need to limit the number of patterns and colors so that it doesn’t look too crowded.

  1. The right furniture

Finding furniture is the easiest thing in decorating a house. Just by surfing the internet or walking along the highway, you can find interesting and unique furniture.

Use furniture that is functional, but with a design that is adapted to a narrow room, including a small kitchen or small bathroom, Mother. Don’t fill every space with bulky furniture.

  1. Take advantage of the corner of the room

If there is a little empty corner in a minimalist home room, you can use it to put items that are often used. So you don’t have to enter the storage box which is quite complicated when it is taken.

For example, your hobby of making cakes. Then there is a corner in the kitchen that is empty. Use it to store ovens and other appliances that are often used.

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