5 Unique Minimalist House Terrace Floor Ideas

5 Unique Minimalist House Terrace Floor Ideas

Do you feel that the minimalist terrace looks boring? Of course, the terrace can be designed in a unique and attractive way, while still highlighting the simplicity of a minimalist home.

“Minimalism for me is keeping the space simple, not cluttered, and accentuating an interesting space architecture,” said designer at B Interior LLC, Sharon Blaustein, quoted from Decor.

The appearance of a minimalist home terrace can be maximized by selecting floors and decoration ideas. Mothers only need to change the terrace floor with colors that may be bolder, or the floor with a beautiful pattern.

Maybe you just need to add an eye-catching ornament. Well, here are 5 unique minimalist home terrace floor ideas, quoted from The Spruce.

  1. Terrace with natural stone tiles
Terrace with natural stone tiles

Choosing natural stone as a ceramic for a minimalist home terrace is one interesting idea. These natural stones have various forms, you can choose them according to your taste.

For example, natural stone ceramics with round, square, or oval models. This neutral natural stone ceramic color is suitable to be paired with any wall color, Mother.

In addition, with this natural stone ceramic, minimalist house also looks more beautiful because of its strong natural nuances.

  1. Simple modern terrace floor
Simple modern terrace floor

There’s nothing wrong with choosing a simple style for a terrace in a minimalist home. Besides being uncomplicated, this will also highlight the minimalist impression of the house, Mother.

Mothers only need to make the appearance of a minimalist home terrace not too crowded. You do this with ceramic floor tiles made of neutral colors, for example, gray, light brown, or other unobtrusive colors.

Then you can add some chairs and tables that are also simple in design. As a complement, add ornamental plants with leafless leaves.

  1. The patio framed the view

A stylish terrace at the San Diego Botanic Garden in Encinitas, California, takes full advantage of the stunning ocean views. Low and curved walls form a firm shape to the terrace area as well as a barrier.

Mothers can imitate a terrace design like this, by utilizing a curved arrangement of bricks. At the end of the arch, place a few lounge chairs, which make the terrace look like a small garden at the same time.

Don’t forget to add some pretty ornaments, especially the ornamental plants around the brick arch.

  1. Terrace with low wall floor for privacy

This design is intended to create a minimalist home terrace like additional outdoor space, Mother. The terrace, which was built with the addition of a low wall floor, aims to cover the terrace itself, to make it look like a room.
This model terrace also offers privacy because it is not visible from the road, and provides a physical barrier in the form of a low wall. So, you can add a chair to lean against the wall.

It will be more interesting if the chair is added with comfortable pillows, and a coffee table. Place some colorful furniture too. For the evening, you can add candles or lanterns to make the atmosphere warm.

  1. The terrace of the house is framed by gravel

Gravel turns out to be a beautiful decoration for a minimalist terrace, you know, Mother. You do this by spreading the gravel as a frame for the patio area.

To make it prettier, add a little green grass as a layer around the edges of the gravel. Not only does it beautify the minimalist home terrace, this gravel is also another part of the yard.

So, so that the pebbles are neatly arranged, add some sort of object for the edges, in order to keep them linear. Check our fanspage 5 Unique Minimalist House Terrace Floor Ideas

Secret, Tips for Comfortable Living Room

The Secret of a Comfortable Living Room

The family room is the life, the heart of the house which is the center of life. There are too many memories in the family room of a house. How to make all the memories that will continue to be made always beautiful? To make it happen, it takes a comfortable family room. If you are confused because you have a family room with unclear nuances or how to start making a comfortable family room, try to follow some of the tips below.

Have a “Conversation”

Arrange the living room chairs or sofas facing each other and place the table in the center. With this arrangement, the family room will be very inviting for people to have real conversations (hopefully without cell phone interference).

Determine the Center of Gravity of the Living Room

The center of gravity of a living room is where the largest size furniture you want to place. For example, you can place the sofa in the middle of the room (not blocking the road). The center of gravity usually serves as your anchor or place to start arranging other furniture.

Keep Furniture Distance from Wall

distance furniture to wall

Do not be tempted by the temptation to attach furniture or furniture to the walls of the living room. At first glance it may sound ridiculous to do this especially with the roar of a narrow family. However, think about a little room to breathe, to make room for a little bit of light flow.

Use the Coffee Table

You can use a coffee table that is not too high in the middle as the main table surrounded by chairs or sofas in the living room. If it is too high, the coffee table will be too dominant, and if it is too small it will not give the impression of anything.

Post Artwork

Tips for Comfortable Living Room

Try hanging

one or two pieces of art like a painting in a family room. Such works of art guarantee a distinct feel to your living room. do not leave the walls of your living room empty just like that.

Use the Power of the Carpet

Tips for Comfortable Living Room

The use of carpet can be a marker of where the main seat of a family room is. In addition, carpet shapes such as square, round or rectangle can give a distinct nuance effect to your living room

Succes for applying Secret, Tips for Comfortable Living Room.

10 Super Cozy Lounge Design Ideas Make You Feel at Home

in this article we will to share you about, 10 super cozy lounge design ideas that will make you feel at home.

Cozy Lounge Design Ideas

The family room or commonly referred to as the living room or living room (although some people consider them to be different rooms), is the most widely used common area. Unlike the bedroom, which is the private area of ​​family members, this open lounge design can be used as a place to play, chat with family members, and laze around on holidays.

Instead of being used for just one task, this room can be a place for many activities at once, from watching television to chatting late into the night. Designing a comfortable living room is important to make you feel more at home. Check out the 10 lounge designs below and have a happy homebody in your own home!

Scandinavian Cozy Lounge Design Ideas

scandinavian Cozy Lounge Design Ideas
Scandinavian Style Lounge (Source: decordots.com)

The Scandinavian style that is attached to the clean impression of the color selection is the best inspiration for your lounge. Complete with soft carpets and sofas to chat with the whole family.

Japanese Cozy Lounge Design Ideas

japanese Cozy Lounge Design Ideas
Japanese Style Lounge (Source: rumahuni.com)

For those of you who want a lesehan family room, this Japanese-style interior design can be a reference. Japanese people until now still prefer to sit on the tatami instead of using a sofa or chair.

Classic Lounge Design Ideas

Classic Cozy Lounge Design Ideas

Those who like classic style will definitely feel more comfortable in a room with old school decorations like the family room above. The selection of carpets and decorative lights is the main point in this design.

Minimalist Style Lounge Ideas

minimalist Cozy Lounge Design Ideas
24 Minimalist Living Room Interior Ideas In Modern House throughout Stylish along with Gorgeous cozy minimalist bedroom with regard to Home – Minimalist Style Lounge (Source: homedizz.com)

Minimalist home design style not only seems simple, but also neat. Choosing the right color, lighting, and furniture will be the key to your comfort in this relaxing space.

Vintage Style Lounge

Lounge with a Vintage Touch
Lounge with a Vintage Touch (Source: memorabledecor.com)

You can catch the vintage impression in this room from the selection of tables, leather sofas and wall hangings. You can include other vintage components to enhance its appearance.

Rustic Style Lounge

Lounge with a Rustic Touch (Source: houzz.com)
Lounge with a Rustic Touch (Source: houzz.com)

Although it seems contrary to order, the rustic style still has its own fans. Relying on a rough and completely open surface, the rustic style is perfect for a warm family room concept in your home design .

Urban Style Lounge

Lounge with an Urban Touch (Source: houzz.com)

If you want a simple TV room with a design that remains elegant, try imitating the interior with the urban touch above. The exposed brick detail on one side of the wall makes the room look less boring.

Industrial Style Lounge

Lounge with an Industrial Touch Cozy Lounge Design Ideas
Lounge with an Industrial Touch (Source: rippletech.co)

Sticking to monochrome colors, industrial design has become a favorite of many people besides classic and Scandinavian styles. Not only suitable for cafes or restaurants, this industrial-style lounge manages to look attractive without having to look too much.

Lounge in the Attic

attic Cozy Lounge Design Ideas
Lounge in the Attic (Source: stylemotivation.com)

The room closest to the roof is often abandoned or used as a warehouse. Instead of being left unused, try to turn your attic into a lounge. Guaranteed you will feel at home all day there!

Cozy Lounge Design Ideas on the balcony

Cozy Lounge Design Ideas
Lounge on the Balcony (Source: designtrends.com)

Your balcony is large and empty and you don’t know what it wants to use? The open balcony is the perfect place for afternoon tea with the whole family.

With this “10 Super Cozy Lounge Design Ideas Make You Feel at Home” article, we hope you can make your Cozy Lounge Design Ideas