2 Important Keys So That A Minimalist House Is Always Neat

2 Important Keys So That A Minimalist House Is Always Neat

Arranging a minimalist house is not difficult, Mother. Most importantly, Mother must be careful in sorting the function of the goods, especially with a limited space capacity.
Moms can start from now on to arrange indoor items so that a minimalist home always looks neat, without spending money.

“The concept of minimalism is essentially applied as a solution to the problem of storage and better arrangement of goods. It is also easy to store and retrieve,” said a lecturer in interior architecture at Ciputra University in Surabaya.

A messy minimalist house, apart from feeling uncomfortable, is also unsightly, Mother. So mothers need to take the free time to tidy up a minimalist home.

There are various ways that can be applied to create a minimalist house that is always neat. Of the many ways, there are major keys that are important to try.

Well, here are 2 important keys so that a minimalist home is always neat, as reported by Apartment Therapy.

  1. Storage

Indeed, there is nothing wrong with collecting lots of items, especially for collection. But, if this is done in a narrow minimalist house, it will certainly make the room feel full of many items that are actually less useful.
You should hurry to start making changes, so that your minimalist home looks more spacious and tidy. For example, sorting out collectibles to be displayed or used and the rest to be stored.

To make it easier to store goods, you can put your unused items into boxes. While re-sorting the items according to their function and type, then label the boxes according to their contents so that they are easy to find.

By applying the right storage of goods, it is guaranteed that your house will feel spacious, comfortable, beautiful, and of course neat. In addition, if at any time you need items stored in cardboard boxes, you don’t need to unload all the furniture in the house to look for just one thing.

Moms can also teach your little one to start to be responsible for their own toys, by providing understanding to immediately tidy things up after being used into the container.

  1. Rotation

The rotation referred to here is the movement of goods as you wish, Mother. This means that items that mothers use or display in a minimalist home today can be replaced with objects stored in cardboard boxes.
For example, Mother collects a variety of beautiful and unique dishes. So, you can use enough plates according to the number of family members. Then, if you feel that you are tired of using the plate, you can rotate your other collection of plates so that the plates you save can still be useful.

You can apply this rotation pattern regularly. So that all of your collections are not in vain and end up in boxes.

It cannot be denied, applying this rule will make the atmosphere of the house less boring, Mother. But, still make sure the items that are stored are safe and well maintained.