Creative Bedroom Designs for Many People

Creative Bedroom Designs for Many People

How can a narrow bedroom accommodate so many beds? A clever way to get around the narrow space is with the bunk beds arranged vertically. Designing and arranging a bunk bed or bunk bed requires ingenuity. Arrange a comfortable bed placement while still presenting a charming architectural aesthetic.

Bed sheet color selection

One-color sheet combined with a simple patterned bolster pillowcase (Source:

A bedroom with 3 or more beds will feel tidier, more spacious, and comfortable with the right choice of sheets. Choose sheets in basic colors or white, simple patterns, and not too patterned.

Sailor motif bedspread in the three-bedroom bedroom by Chango & Co. (source:

Think about the age of the occupants of the room

Bedrooms with bunk beds must be able to accommodate children and adults, especially if guests often come to stay.

Bedroom with 2 queen beds and 2 single beds by Sita Montgomery Interiors (source: Cameo Homes Inc.)

Kids or teens will love climbing into bed. Parents can sleep on the bottom. A bedroom with a bed arrangement like this can accommodate more than 6 people.

Bedroom designs for more than 6 people by Asher Associates Architects (source:

Be stylish and stay safe

L-shaped bunk bed in the corner of a homes resort by Suzanne Nichols Design Group (source:

Bunk beds are deliberately arranged in an L shape in the corner of the room and are given a protector for the upper bunk so that they are safe for children. The distance between the lower matrass and the upper cot is at least 150 cm so that you don’t stumble your head.

A bedroom with a certain style will be especially attractive to children. Especially if it is designed with unique materials and shapes by Abby Hetherington Interiors (source:

The placement of a larger size bed at the bottom in an upright position not only provides relief, but safety for children who sleep on the upper bunk. The protective iron on the edge of the top bed is also needed for safety, especially if the users are children.

Place it against the wall

You don’t have to order a bed specifically so that the bedroom can accommodate many people. The bed is the same size that can be bought at any store, can be arranged and arranged in tight spaces.

This bunk bed does not need to be ordered specifically. There are already shops (ikea) that sell them collectively. (source:

At the bottom of the bed, there is a shelf to put luggage. It’s a clever way of storing things and keeping a space tidy, comfortable, and spacious.

Arrange Three

Beds in a narrow space with a high enough ceiling can be arranged in three. Arrange the bed in a zigzag position in the corner of the room for the safety of the top bed.

Three bunk beds with a zigzag position (source: pinterest)

Add security with iron or wood protection on the edge of the bed. The bottom bed should be attached to the floor so that the top bed is not too high.

Tuck in the lobby

Another clever idea is to place the bunk bed in a fairly wide bunk.

4 contemporary cantilever beds in a ranch house by Magnolia Homes (source:

Attach the side of the bed to the wall. Use steel wire to hang the bed. Add a ladder as access, as well as a bed holder. For guests who stay overnight, the space under the lower bed can be used for placing luggage and other luggage.

Murphy bed or wall bed in the hallway by Tom Hurt Architecture (source:

When not in use, the bed can be folded against and parallel to the wall. The back hallway was neat and spacious.

Put it under the stairs

The space under the stairs which is usually a waste, would be very useful if it was transformed into an area for a bunk bed.

Bunk bed under the stairs (source:

The arrangement of the shelves as a ladder

Be shrewd in getting around limited space. 3.5m x 1m space can accommodate 2 bunk beds and lots of shelves. Not only functional, but creative and unique.

Shelf as a ladder on a bunk bed (source:

Combine with the play area

Bunk beds for children should be comfortable, safe and enjoyable. Design a unique ladder with a large rope that helps children climb the ladder. Also provide a skateboard. This skateboard is not only for playing, but it is safer to get off when you wake up and your child’s eyes are still sleepy.

Bunk bed with play area (source: My Dream House)

Take advantage of the space under the roof

The space under the roof is usually quite large, but rather low. Arrange the beds in a row, no need to stack up.

The area under the roof as a bedroom (source:

Make the most of the space under the roof. Think about the arrangement of possible bed placement and still pay attention to the aspect of comfort.

Three bunk beds in the space under the roof (source:

Unlimited creative ideas

Minimalist children’s bed with study table (source:

This room is equipped with 2 queen beds with bookshelves as a privacy barrier. Under the sofabed there are 6 shelves that are not only storage areas, but as a sofa bed base when used as a bed. This space can accommodate at least a sleeping area for 8 people.

Calculate the number of people who need to fit in the bedroom. Think of creative ideas that can be applied in the room you have. Remember, there are no restrictions on designing. What is important, the space must be functional to accommodate all needs.

8 Inspirations Black and White Bedroom Ideas

Inspirations black and white bedroom ideas. When it comes to interior design, there is no color combination that is prettier than a monochrome color contrast. This is also one of the reasons why many clothing designers and interior designers make black and white their base colors.

A minimalist bedroom design with black and white paint, for example, can be combined with other, brighter colors without making the room seem crowded.

You can play around with the contrast in the colors. For example, a white floor would work well with a black carpet decoration. A large black frame, of course it would be interesting to display a painting with dominant white in it.

You can also apply the same rules when mixing and matching black furniture with wooden walls or floors. Like what for example?

Black Wall

Inspirations black and white bedroom ideas

Arranging a monochrome room you can start by choosing a black wall. Of course, not all sides of the walls are black.

You can choose one of the sides that will be the backdrop where you place the white bed like the bedroom example above.

Black bed

black and white bedroom ideas

There are times when your entire house has already been painted using white.

To create a monochrome room design, you can outsmart it by installing a black bed. Add a black display on the other wall to support the black and white concept of your dream room.

Monochrome rugs

black and white bedroom ideas

Another way to get around an all-white room design and don’t want to bother changing the color of the paint is to install black carpets, curtains or sheets.

The addition of this decoration alone is enough to make your room look monochrome and luxurious.

Black and White Wallpaper

black and white bedroom paint

If you really want to change the nuances through the color of the walls, consider replacing them with black and white bedroom wall wallpapers. In addition to easier and more efficient installation, you can also choose a variety of styles to suit yourself.

Black and White Photo

black and white bedroom

For those of you who like photography, there is nothing wrong with experimenting with black and white photos by you or the work of your favorite photographer.

Print in large size and make it the main display on one side of the room wall to get an artistic monochrome impression.

Monochrome Scandinavian, black and white bedroom ideas

black white bedroom ideas

Want a Scandinavian feel with a black and white touch? Just add some little black knick-knacks in your white room.

For bed linen or curtains, you can choose white with small, minimalist black patterns.

Monochrome Chess Patern

One of the pattern choices that many lovers of monochrome love is the chess pattern. This alternating black and white color is suitable as the color of your bedroom bed sheet or it could be the idea of ​​choosing your floor tile.

All in Gray, Inspirations black and white bedroom ideas

Not everyone likes black components too much, especially in their bedroom. However, that doesn’t mean you miss the opportunity to decorate your bedroom with monochrome nuances.

One way you can choose is to use gray. This color goes well with the white color of the walls of the house with light brown wood components like the example above.

10 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles, Improtant!

10 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles

Planning the tile arrangement well can help in the process of arranging, placing, and determining what equipment is needed. Poor planning will definitely not produce perfect results.

Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles

1. Plan carefully. To get the most perfect result, you have to plan every detail in great detail. Do you want a shower, bathtub or even excess? Everything must be planned in advance. Also make sure that supporting things like electricity are arranged neatly behind the bathroom wall. Other details such as medicine cabinet, lights for bathroom glass, and exhaust must be prepared from scratch.

Choosing Bathroom Tiles

2. Check the tile size again. The biggest mistake we make is choosing the wrong tile size. You should buy a sample of the tile you want to use and try placing it in your bathroom, then soaking the tile in water to ensure quality.

Choosing Bathroom Motive Tiles

3. Arrange the tiles from the bathroom roof to the floor. Most bathroom floors require a tile that must be cut to fill in the gaps between the wall and floor. By arranging the tiles from the roof to the floor it will be easier for you to avoid cutting tiles for gaps at the bottom. Make sure to create a design on the bathroom wall before laying the tiles onto the wall.

Choosing Bathroom grey Tiles

When you want to make a linear or elongated bathroom drain, make sure the water gap that is created flows directly into the main water channel so that the water can flow properly and does not stagnate in the linear gap.

4. Be careful when laying tiles near windows and doors. The arrangement of tiles near windows and doors is very important to note. It is a little difficult to apply a waterproof system to the tiles near the door or window. Make sure the waterproof system that is applied to your bathroom is well designed so that you can prevent water from getting into the tiles or window frames.

Choosing Bathroom stone Tiles

5. Make drains well. Placement of drains in the bathroom must be considered and requires proper planning. Once you’ve determined the position of the drains you want, experiment with spilling a large amount of water in the bathroom so you can see if your drains are working properly.

Choosing Bathroom two color Tiles

6. Leak-proof protector. Create a dividing tile between the shower room and the dry bathroom space like the picture above. With an extra tile arrangement arranged around the glass dividing the shower door and dry area can be a tip for you to avoid running water into dry areas.

7. Caution for floors that use gravel. When you design a bathroom using a floor made of gravel, it must be remembered that this type of floor takes longer to absorb water. The distance between the stones as wide as half to one centimeter can be one way to absorb water faster. The use of epoxy paint can also help absorb water while you are showering.

Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles

Choosing Bathroom wall Tiles

8. Pay attention to each installation step. Stacking tiles with natural stone can enhance the look of your bathroom. You can pre-experiment on a plank and let it dry before you tackle the entire bathroom. Let the bathroom floor dry for a few days after installation, then close the gaps between the tiles. Each step takes several days for it to dry.

Choosing Bathroom brickTiles

9. Details can change the appearance, Choosing Bathroom Tiles. Good design and attention to other small details make a bathroom look neat and seamless. For example, using a different tile design to separate the shower from the dry area.

10. Make the design of the soap holder on the bathroom wall wider. When designing a soap holder on the shower wall of your bathroom, the first thing you have to determine is how much you want the size result to be. However, when working, make the size bigger about 2 to 5 cm. This will set you back when tiling your bathroom.