What is a Jack and Jill bathroom and how is it applied?

wet and dry bathroom design

What is a Jack and Jill bathroom and how is it applied?

Jack and Jill’s bathroom allows residents of two separate bedrooms to easily access the same bathroom.

In the past, the bathroom was a place to clean the body, urinate and defecate. But over time, now the bathroom has a function that is more than that. Many people now add interiors with a variety of different functions. Such as adding glass, dressers, bathtubs, wall decorations, and sinks.

With the presence of several fixtures in the bathroom, the function that was originally used only for cleaning the body and toilet, now can be more than that. The bathroom can be used at the same time for bathing, bathing, defecating, washing your face, brushing your teeth, and even making up yourself.

If you are planning to build a house or renovate, adding some interior details in the bathroom is important. Before deciding it would be better to know in advance the kinds of bathrooms, until finally choosing what type of bathroom is right for your home. Let’s take a look at the reviews!

Dry Bathroom

In fact, a dry bathroom has long been used by many people. The application of an interior that seems simple but elegant is the reason why this type of bathroom is so loved. And if you want to apply this bathroom interior concept, a large enough room is the key to make it happen.

This type of design does not use a bathtub to hold water. Bathtub and shower are the main tools that are often used. Adding a sink, mirror, and other accessories gives a dry bathroom a luxurious feel.

One of the most interesting things about the dry bathroom type is, where the wet and dry areas can be separated by a door-shaped partition made of glass.

Half Dry Bathroom

Well, next is the semi dry bathroom type.

The semi dry bathroom design usually does not require a size that is too large when compared to the dry bathroom type.


To get a half dry bathroom design concept is to separate the bathtub and shower. Then then the toilet without using a cover or partition between the wet and dry land.

Bathroom Wet

Still about the bathroom, this time we will turn to the discussion of one of the best models or types or types of bathrooms; Jack and Jill’s bathroom.

First, let’s find out what a Jack and Jill bathroom is.

What Is A Jack and Jill’s Bathroom?

Jack and Jill’s bathroom, made famous in the 70s by Brady Bunch – a family TV comedy show that tells the lives of 1 boy and 1 girl. Jack and Jill is taken from the names of the two children on the TV show. They are siblings who have their own bedrooms, but share a shared bathroom.

Jack and Jill’s bathroom is like having an ensuite for both bedrooms. Privacy is ensured by having locks on both doors. Also, there should be a 3-way light switch to allow the lights to be turned on from both entrances.

Why Is It Important?

There is great comfort in having a Jack and Jill bathroom when two people share the bathroom. Perfect access for both parties (provided they don’t want to use the bathroom at the same time) as you don’t have to get out of the bedroom, into the hallway, and go to the bathroom.

This format can be useful if you want to save space by not having two en-suite bathrooms – one bedroom. Jack and Jill’s bathroom can also come in handy if there’s no place to open the door to the hallway.

Quoting hunker.com, according to John Linden, an interior and furniture designer at MirrorCoop, Los Angeles, recommends having a bathroom with two separate sinks whenever possible.

“This makes your bathroom much more functional as it can be used by two people, not just one, which makes preparation for bedtime – brushing your teeth, hair, etc. – much easier if you have kids who you need to manage to sleep with. fast and efficient. ”

Jack and Jill’s bathrooms often include separate washbasins, but users share a bath / shower area and toilet. Jack and Jill allows residents of two separate bedrooms to easily access the same bathroom.

Save Space and Money

Renovating the space required for a bathroom will cost quite a lot in the floor plan. Using one bathroom that is reserved for two bedrooms can save space and money for a large family or for people who own a home where guests visit, and a private bathroom for each bedroom will feel redundant.

Share but Stay Private

Jack and Jill’s bathrooms can be divided between bedrooms or a hallway, but most often between two bedrooms. In this way it can provide equality to family members. Since the bathroom can be locked from both sides, it is kept separate and ensures privacy. And with those keys, the bathroom can be very private.

Jack and Jill can help children learn to share and compromise when it comes to their toiletry needs.

What should be considered?

Sometimes the obstacle to making a room according to your wants and needs is first of all determining the budget and size of the room. Jack and Jill itself is more recommended for those of you who are starting to build a house. This is because it will be more difficult when you create a Jack and Jill theme for the type of house you want to renovate.

If you decide to hire a designer to create a Jack and Jill bathroom. Consider these conveniences to ensure its success:

Jack and Jill’s bathroom has the concept of sharing a toilet and shower, but must have two sinks, so that less personal activities (brushing teeth and combing hair) can be carried out simultaneously.

Key. Include locks on bedroom and bathroom doors for privacy, and those doors should lock on both sides. Everyone at home needs to remember the habit of opening all the doors when they are away, so as not to lock other rooms from the bathroom.

Double up on accessories and storage. To keep things fair and running smoothly, provide adequate makeup mirrors, towel bars, storage areas and trash cans.

Jack and Jill’s Bathroom Decorating Tips

One of the downsides to the standard Jack and Jill bathroom is that it is confined between the two bedrooms, making it inaccessible to the entire house.

The best use of the Jack and Jill configuration is to have direct access to the sink area of ​​each bedroom.

Here are some tips for those of you about Jack and Jill’s bathroom design and decoration:

When you have children, make sure they know that they are supposed to lock both doors when they use the bathroom and that they have to unlock the door when they are done to ensure that people in the other room still have access to the bathroom.

People leaving the other doors locked can cause queues. Get them used to doing it from the start.

When getting ready for school. activities such as brushing your teeth. Washing your face can be done simultaneously when there are two sinks.

This gets them used to it from the start and ensures they leave the door unlocked unless they are showering or going to the toilet. A double vanity unit will also have plenty of storage for everyone’s equipment.

Allocate storage for each. You may not have six kids, The Brady Bunch style. But even if you have two teenagers sharing a room, they’re bound to put together a lot of stuff.

Think how to put makeup and toiletries, perfume, lotion.
Having an adequate mirror in the bathroom is also very important. Collaborate with various types of mirror cabinets, or LED mirrors.

Discuss with your kids about accessories and decorating the space in a way that suits them both. Girls and boys generally like different things. So you can apply things that are fairly neutral while at the same time.

This can be a work of art, or let them choose the towels themselves. But give them individual space in the room.

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