6 Super Cool Minimalist Bathroom with Gray Vanity

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A good bathroom is of course expected to meet all user needs, including the presence of a dressing table. Having a dressing table in the bathroom will make your activities in it more practical. The dressing table can be used for various activities such as washing hands, brushing teeth, using or cleaning the rest of the makeup on the face, shaving the mustache and beard, or simply tidying up your appearance. The dressing table can also be a storage area and make the bathroom more organized.

Want to have a super cool bathroom dressing table? Check out some of the following inspirations.

1. Industrial dressing table

Industrial is a style that is increasingly in demand to be applied to residential designs. You can really implement this style in the bathroom, especially on the dresser. By using industrial materials such as processed wood, iron, or pipes, you can strengthen the industrial atmosphere on the dressing table that complements your bathroom.

Bathroom with Gray vanity

2. Rustic dressing table

For those of you who like a natural atmosphere and want to include natural elements in the bathroom, the rustic style will not disappoint, including in the bathroom. A rustic atmosphere can be realized through the design of dressers, glass, and also wood storage which still has the appearance of natural wood grain on the surface.

3. European dressing table

Want to showcase a timeless classic style? Inspired by European style dressing table and made of wood, so that it can display a glamorous and classic impression in the bathroom. You can hang a mirror separately, to reinforce the classic impression on its appearance. Not only used to put a sink, but a dressing table can also be used to store toiletries such as sponges, bath soap, clean towels, and other equipment. This European-style dressing table design is able to make the bathroom look more elegant and luxurious.

modern Bathroom with Gray vanity

4. Eclectic dressing table

The combination of old and new will create an attractive look in an eclectic style. For example, you can recycle an old table made of brown wood and then combine it with a sink made of shiny stone motifs. To reinforce the impression of nature and nature, install floral wallpaper as the background of the dressing table mirror. The atmosphere became livelier, right ?!

Bathroom with Gray vanity

5. Minimalist Bathroom with Gray Vanity

Don’t have much space to include a dressing table in your bathroom? You don’t need to be big, you can still put a small dressing table in the corner of the bathroom. Choose a table design that is simple and doesn’t have a lot of details. Do not let the bathroom look full due to its design. We recommend that you choose a table that has a storage area at the bottom so you can keep various bathroom needs on this minimalist table.

Bathroom with Gray vanity

6. Dressing table backlight

Love modern style? You can use a dressing table design that is equipped with lighting on the back like this. Even though it looks simple, the lighting effect of this glass is able to give an elegant and contemporary and dramatic impression to the interior.

Which bathroom dressing table design best suits your criteria and taste? Although it is often considered a complement, the presence of a dressing table can beautify and change the appearance of the bathroom to be more beautiful and elegant.