Components Of Sink You Should Know

the to try know about how bathroom sinks work, you must know Components Of Sink. The washing hands with soap movement is getting used to each occupant of the house. There is even one town in united states which has a unique innovation with the One House, One sink program. This program is supported by all residents so that a healthy lifestyle starts from the closest environment, namely the family.

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Components Of Sink You Should Know

When it comes to having a sink, you don’t just pay attention to the shape or height of the installation of the sink. The right design and arrangement will make the sink so comfortable to use. So that the sink function can be optimized, let’s get acquainted with what parts are in the sink.


The shower water in a regular sink comes out of the tap. You can choose either rotary tap or sensor tap. The function of this tap is to regulate the flow of water that fills the container.

Container or lavatory

The container in the sink can be made from ceramic, marble or natural stone, and others. The models are oval, round, or square. Choose a container that has the right depth and angle. This is done so that the function of this container can hold large amounts of water.


The management of clean water and dirty water networks is closely related to installation. The sink must have a well-planned plumbing installation. The source of clean water comes from clean water wells that are channeled using an electric water pump. Then flowed to rooms that need clean water supply. This water distribution system usually uses pipes or plumbing.

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Components Of Sink

Drain Pipe

The filter under the sink through which dirty water or food waste passes is called Drain Pipe. If you buy a Germany Brilliant sink, you can also buy an Drain Pipe product that is made from ABS. Drain Pipe is equipped with drain pipe and connecting pipe.

How to install Drain Pipe is very easy. After the drain pipe cover is opened, attach it to the top sink hole. Next, lock it with a pipe connection from the bottom of the sink. Place the Drain Pipe under the section complete with the rubber. Measure the distance from the pipe to the wall and cut the remaining drain pipe.

Apart from the 4 components above, please also note that the placement of the sink has no standard rules. You can put it inside or outside the house. Usually the sink that is inside is located near the kitchen or bathroom. Meanwhile, a sink outside the house is often placed in a garage or garden.

sink component

Do not delay to arrange the complete home equipment. Enter the sink device in it and choose the appearance and color taste that comes from Germany Brilliant sink products. No need to worry about price because it is definitely in accordance with the quality offered.

Already understand about the sink, right, you! Just visit the nearest Germany Brilliant partner in your city. Happy shopping for a new sink.