Cool and Stylish Bathroom Storage Ideas

Cool and Stylish Bathroom Storage Ideas

Stylish Bathroom Storage Ideas

You may only see a clean and stylish bathroom interior design in magazines or design websites. However, it is not impossible to change your minimalist bathroom to be more stylish. The simplest way is to organize the bathroom storage area to be tidier.

Shampoo bottles, piles of towels, hairdryers, to make-up and shaving utensils are sometimes a source of problems that make the bathroom invisible to the eye. For this reason, you need special tricks and tips so that the bathroom storage area does not clutter the arrangement in it. Check out some of the following inspirations!

Store Toothbrush and Soap in a Beautiful Container

Stylish Bathroom Storage Ideas

Designer Trevor Timson of Timson Home uses inexpensive glasses to keep soap and toothbrushes tidy. Using these bathroom organization ideas is just as beautiful as the function. Bonus: no more soap scum on your pretty bathroom dresser.

Place the Towel Within Hand Reach for your Stylish Bathroom Storage Ideas

hanger bahtroom corner

Towels are an important component that sometimes fills your bathroom cabinet. Another option is to use the ladder as a towel rack. Apart from beautifying and adding to the element of decoration in the bathroom, this staircase usually does not take up much space.

Place the basket under the sink table

Stylish Bathroom Vanity Ideas

If the bottom of your sink is open, this is your chance to add a sweetener. Place a pretty basket at the bottom and serve as storage. You can choose baskets with various materials and models to suit your bathroom design.

Place the table beside the sink

white bathroom design

When interior designer Cassandra LaValle from Coco Kelley updated the bathroom, she cleverly added a countertop beside the sink due to the lack of storage area there. An important tip that you can also imitate is to place a tray on the table or the back of the toilet to store small items such as candles, perfume, or ornamental plants.

Try Building a Storage Rack with a Built-in System

Bathroom Storage rack

The built-in shelf in the wall gap is often the choice of many people who don’t want to install additional shelves. You can do the same to avoid the impression of clutter because the shelf blends directly with the wall. Stylish Bathroom Storage IdeasĀ 

Choose a hanger with a unique design in your Stylish Bathroom Storage IdeasĀ 

hanger Bathroom Ideas

For those of you who love neatness, hangers are sometimes a terrible specter. Moreover, if the occupants of the house are not disciplined and often put things down there. Not only smells, these hangers are sometimes a source of mosquitoes and other insects. Try to choose a hanger with a unique design that can beautify the room. Besides being functional, you will feel sorry if you leave it covered in a pile of dirty towels and clothes.

If Your Shelf Is Open, Add Another Storage Box

aid box Stylish Bathroom Storage Ideas

Open shelves or glass doors are helpful but can be disastrous. Besides being a focal point, at the same time you also have to keep it neat so that it is eye-catching. Add a wicker basket or ceramic box to prevent your mismatched bottles from appearing immediately when people enter the bathroom. The arrangement also looks tidier and more organized.

Top 8 Luxury Bathroom Designs

8 Luxury Bathroom Designs

small-Luxury Bathroom Designs

Because it is always in the back, many people pay less attention to the bathroom. In fact, for a house, especially a luxury home, the bathroom is a symbol of luxury that is no less important. Imagine a special guest comes to visit. Showing a shabby bathroom can ruin the luxurious impression of your home.

There are various bathroom designs that you can choose to apply in every part of the house. You may want a small luxury bathroom design for your private room for a relaxing bath when you are alone. The shared bathroom design may be made with a wider size to make it more flexible.

If you are still confused about choosing, these 8 unique and luxurious bathroom designs can be an option to apply in your home!

DH House – Modern Luxury Bathroom Designs

classic small-Luxury Bathroom Designs

This residential house in the Argopuro area, Semarang is spacious with a unique design in almost every corner of the room. The bathroom is made in a combination of cream and white colors and features a luxurious round bathtub. The large mirror that is near the sink gives the impression of being even more spacey in the bathroom.

EW House – Ultra modern Luxury Bathroom Designs

Luxury Bathroom Designs

You can find models with transparent walls and doors in 5-star hotel bathroom designs. If you want to feel a similar sensation, you can try to apply this EW House bathroom design. The additional bathtub that is installed directly facing out is perfect for your relaxing holiday bath.

Djati Lounge & Djoglo Bungalow – traditional Luxury Bathroom Designs

Luxury Bathroom Designs

This bungalow, which is located in Malang, presents Javanese nuances through wood materials and carvings. The combination of glass and furniture combines to form a luxurious and elegant impression. The same concept is also applied by the designer in the bathroom. Rustic wood and stone materials, combined with a charming luxury bathtub.

Executive Suite Room No 1 –

Luxury Bathroom Designs

Located on the second floor of Clove Garden Hotel, Bandung, you can spend relaxing time soaking in the bathtub while enjoying the city view of Bandung from the wide window in front of you.

IPCW Residence – Small Luxury Bathroom Designs

Luxury Bathroom Designs with view

Having a small house doesn’t mean you can’t install a bathtub in the bathroom. IPCW Residence’s cute bathtub concept can be used as a reference for a small, yet luxurious bathroom.

Project – Guest Bathroom (Menpora Official House)

Luxury dark Bathroom Designs

The guest bathroom at the Menpora Official House also carries the same concept as a 5-star hotel bathroom. Natural touches through wood and stone patterns on the floor and plants make this bathroom feel alive.

Classic White Bathroom

small Luxury Bathroom Designs

White color not only gives off a clean impression, but also elegant at the same time. If you like white, this color is perfect for this small and classic bathroom.

Colorful Bathroom

Luxury Bathroom Designs

Who said that the bathroom only matches neutral and natural colors? You can also be creative with bold colors for a more cheerful and youthful-looking bathroom decor.

5 Benefits of Applying Jack And Jill’s Bathroom Concept

read this 5 Benefits of Applying Jack And Jill’s Bathroom Concept. Its important to you

Jack and Jill’s bathroom is often defined as an adjacent shared bathroom with two separate bedrooms. This bathroom is popular among large families with more than one child. Jack and Jill’s bathroom shot to fame in the ’70s by Brady Bunch on a family TV comedy that tells the life of one boy and one girl. Jack and Jill is taken from the names of the two children on the TV show. They are siblings who have their own bedrooms but share a shared bathroom.

5 Benefits of Applying Jack And Jill's Bathroom Concept

Simply put, a Jack and Jill bathroom is an en suite bathroom for two bedrooms, or for the bedroom and hallway. Jack and Jill’s bathroom includes a separate washbasin, but users share a bath / shower area and toilet. This format can be useful if you want to save space by not having two en suite bathrooms. Jack and Jill’s bathroom can also come in handy if there’s no place to open the door to the hallway.

sketch of jack and jill's room

Jack and Jill’s bathroom benefits

Jack and Jill’s bathroom is not only suitable for large families, it can be a great choice for homeowners because of several benefits, such as:

Save space and money

One of the main benefits you can get with this Jack and Jill bathroom is that it saves space and money. The bathroom can take up space that could possibly be used for another space, so using Jack and Jill’s bathroom is a win-win situation.

Share but stay private

Jack and Jill’s bathroom is often used for the bedroom and hallway, but is more often used between two bedrooms. Jack and Jill’s bathroom must be designed to be lockable from both sides, so it will remain separate and ensure user privacy. Jack and Jill’s Bathrooms can help users such as children to share and compromise their toiletry needs.

Jack and Jill’s bathroom considerations

When using or adding a Jack and Jill bathroom design to your home plan, there are several things to note:

Users of adjacent rooms

One of the first considerations a home owner should pay attention to when designing a Jack and Jill bathroom is what type of room will be on either side of the bathroom. For example, it would be used for a bedroom with a guest bedroom that is rarely used, or occupied by two teenagers or some other combination. This will assist in design information and storage requirements.


Include locks for bedroom doors and bathroom doors for privacy, and those doors should lock on both sides. Installing a lock or other feature can help users easily understand when the bathroom is in use.

Double accessories and storage

For user convenience, install two sinks and a storage area to keep things feeling fair and so that the space becomes their own personal space.

sketch of jack and jill's room

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