Top 8 Luxury Bathroom Designs

8 Luxury Bathroom Designs

small-Luxury Bathroom Designs

Because it is always in the back, many people pay less attention to the bathroom. In fact, for a house, especially a luxury home, the bathroom is a symbol of luxury that is no less important. Imagine a special guest comes to visit. Showing a shabby bathroom can ruin the luxurious impression of your home.

There are various bathroom designs that you can choose to apply in every part of the house. You may want a small luxury bathroom design for your private room for a relaxing bath when you are alone. The shared bathroom design may be made with a wider size to make it more flexible.

If you are still confused about choosing, these 8 unique and luxurious bathroom designs can be an option to apply in your home!

DH House – Modern Luxury Bathroom Designs

classic small-Luxury Bathroom Designs

This residential house in the Argopuro area, Semarang is spacious with a unique design in almost every corner of the room. The bathroom is made in a combination of cream and white colors and features a luxurious round bathtub. The large mirror that is near the sink gives the impression of being even more spacey in the bathroom.

EW House – Ultra modern Luxury Bathroom Designs

Luxury Bathroom Designs

You can find models with transparent walls and doors in 5-star hotel bathroom designs. If you want to feel a similar sensation, you can try to apply this EW House bathroom design. The additional bathtub that is installed directly facing out is perfect for your relaxing holiday bath.

Djati Lounge & Djoglo Bungalow – traditional Luxury Bathroom Designs

Luxury Bathroom Designs

This bungalow, which is located in Malang, presents Javanese nuances through wood materials and carvings. The combination of glass and furniture combines to form a luxurious and elegant impression. The same concept is also applied by the designer in the bathroom. Rustic wood and stone materials, combined with a charming luxury bathtub.

Executive Suite Room No 1 –

Luxury Bathroom Designs

Located on the second floor of Clove Garden Hotel, Bandung, you can spend relaxing time soaking in the bathtub while enjoying the city view of Bandung from the wide window in front of you.

IPCW Residence – Small Luxury Bathroom Designs

Luxury Bathroom Designs with view

Having a small house doesn’t mean you can’t install a bathtub in the bathroom. IPCW Residence’s cute bathtub concept can be used as a reference for a small, yet luxurious bathroom.

Project – Guest Bathroom (Menpora Official House)

Luxury dark Bathroom Designs

The guest bathroom at the Menpora Official House also carries the same concept as a 5-star hotel bathroom. Natural touches through wood and stone patterns on the floor and plants make this bathroom feel alive.

Classic White Bathroom

small Luxury Bathroom Designs

White color not only gives off a clean impression, but also elegant at the same time. If you like white, this color is perfect for this small and classic bathroom.

Colorful Bathroom

Luxury Bathroom Designs

Who said that the bathroom only matches neutral and natural colors? You can also be creative with bold colors for a more cheerful and youthful-looking bathroom decor.

5 Futuristic Bathroom Faucet Designs

5 Futuristic Bathroom Faucet Designs

The water faucet is a device that we often encounter in everyday life. Whether it’s in the kitchen, or in the bathroom. The water faucet certainly plays a key role as the last door in flowing water into our homes. However, did you know that there are many different inspirational faucet designs than others?

Well, there are many variations that can be found in creative water faucet designs. Suitable for those of you who are bored with the same water faucet model, this water faucet variation can also add to the beauty of a bathroom, sink, or kitchen that is inhabited by this creative water faucet. For that, here are 5 unique and creative water faucet designs!

Bandini Naos water faucets

inspiring Bathroom Faucet Designs

This inspiring water faucet is made by a bathroom accessories designer named R. Bandini, who named his creative design result Bandini Naos. In terms of shape, this water faucet has a slim physical shape which tends to be thin compared to standard water faucets. This sleek form features a modern and elegant effect.

Hansa Latrava Bathroom Faucet Designs

Bathroom Faucet Designs

This water faucet designed by Octopus Design offers a different design than the others. The uniqueness lies in how the water comes out of the faucet. Yes, the diagonally elongated shape gives the effect of water coming out vertically, different from ordinary water faucets that only come out of one point at the end of the faucet. This uniqueness also makes the water that comes out as if it will be more than the usual tap water, even though it is not.

Smart Faucet

smart Bathroom Faucet Designs

Advances in technology make almost all equipment use the touchscreen as a mainstay in moving and operating the equipment. Starting from gadgets, televisions, laptops, to water taps. Yes, the work of Julian Togashi Goncalves prioritizes its appearance using touchscreen technology.

Uniquely, this water faucet can release water according to our wishes, starting from the water temperature, water flow, and the colors that come out. Of course, it will be easier for users to manage their hot and cold water needs.

Oras water faucet

futuristic Bathroom Faucet Designs

Cyrille Charier, as a special designer of industrial equipment – one of them faucets – created a unique breakthrough called Oras. What makes it different from other water faucets is the presence of a “tongue” in the middle of the faucet where the water comes out. The “tongue” of the faucet can also be adjusted according to your wishes, as well as determining how the water will come out.

Water Stealth Faucets

bathroom faucets kohlr

In function, maybe this water faucet offers a function that is not much different from other water faucets on the market in general. However, its more modern & futuristic design makes it a higher value than others. This faucet is also very suitable to be placed in the bathroom sink of your home.

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