10 Super Cozy Lounge Design Ideas Make You Feel at Home

in this article we will to share you about, 10 super cozy lounge design ideas that will make you feel at home.

Cozy Lounge Design Ideas

The family room or commonly referred to as the living room or living room (although some people consider them to be different rooms), is the most widely used common area. Unlike the bedroom, which is the private area of ​​family members, this open lounge design can be used as a place to play, chat with family members, and laze around on holidays.

Instead of being used for just one task, this room can be a place for many activities at once, from watching television to chatting late into the night. Designing a comfortable living room is important to make you feel more at home. Check out the 10 lounge designs below and have a happy homebody in your own home!

Scandinavian Cozy Lounge Design Ideas

scandinavian Cozy Lounge Design Ideas
Scandinavian Style Lounge (Source: decordots.com)

The Scandinavian style that is attached to the clean impression of the color selection is the best inspiration for your lounge. Complete with soft carpets and sofas to chat with the whole family.

Japanese Cozy Lounge Design Ideas

japanese Cozy Lounge Design Ideas
Japanese Style Lounge (Source: rumahuni.com)

For those of you who want a lesehan family room, this Japanese-style interior design can be a reference. Japanese people until now still prefer to sit on the tatami instead of using a sofa or chair.

Classic Lounge Design Ideas

Classic Cozy Lounge Design Ideas

Those who like classic style will definitely feel more comfortable in a room with old school decorations like the family room above. The selection of carpets and decorative lights is the main point in this design.

Minimalist Style Lounge Ideas

minimalist Cozy Lounge Design Ideas
24 Minimalist Living Room Interior Ideas In Modern House throughout Stylish along with Gorgeous cozy minimalist bedroom with regard to Home – Minimalist Style Lounge (Source: homedizz.com)

Minimalist home design style not only seems simple, but also neat. Choosing the right color, lighting, and furniture will be the key to your comfort in this relaxing space.

Vintage Style Lounge

Lounge with a Vintage Touch
Lounge with a Vintage Touch (Source: memorabledecor.com)

You can catch the vintage impression in this room from the selection of tables, leather sofas and wall hangings. You can include other vintage components to enhance its appearance.

Rustic Style Lounge

Lounge with a Rustic Touch (Source: houzz.com)
Lounge with a Rustic Touch (Source: houzz.com)

Although it seems contrary to order, the rustic style still has its own fans. Relying on a rough and completely open surface, the rustic style is perfect for a warm family room concept in your home design .

Urban Style Lounge

Lounge with an Urban Touch (Source: houzz.com)

If you want a simple TV room with a design that remains elegant, try imitating the interior with the urban touch above. The exposed brick detail on one side of the wall makes the room look less boring.

Industrial Style Lounge

Lounge with an Industrial Touch Cozy Lounge Design Ideas
Lounge with an Industrial Touch (Source: rippletech.co)

Sticking to monochrome colors, industrial design has become a favorite of many people besides classic and Scandinavian styles. Not only suitable for cafes or restaurants, this industrial-style lounge manages to look attractive without having to look too much.

Lounge in the Attic

attic Cozy Lounge Design Ideas
Lounge in the Attic (Source: stylemotivation.com)

The room closest to the roof is often abandoned or used as a warehouse. Instead of being left unused, try to turn your attic into a lounge. Guaranteed you will feel at home all day there!

Cozy Lounge Design Ideas on the balcony

Cozy Lounge Design Ideas
Lounge on the Balcony (Source: designtrends.com)

Your balcony is large and empty and you don’t know what it wants to use? The open balcony is the perfect place for afternoon tea with the whole family.

With this “10 Super Cozy Lounge Design Ideas Make You Feel at Home” article, we hope you can make your Cozy Lounge Design Ideas

7 Contemporary Minimalist Home Interior Design Ideas

Find contemporary minimalist home interior design ideas, read this article.

Determining a minimalist home design is tricky. Minimalist home design is synonymous with simple appearance, but of course, don’t be boring.
“The design (minimalist house) must be clear and simple, but not boring. This is where the use of light, shapes and beautiful materials is very important,” said architect Jennifer Tulley, quoted from Elle Decor.

For mothers who are still looking for minimalist home interior design ideas, there are some contemporary inspirations that can be tried. Reported by the Stylist page, here are 7 contemporary minimalist home interior design ideas.

  1. Avoid frames

If usually the interior design of the house is crowded with photo frames or framed paintings, this may be different from a minimalist home. For mothers who like painting, you can immediately hang the canvas on the wall.

Contemporary Minimalist Home Interior
Contemporary Minimalist Home Interior

Paintings should also be simple, Mother. In order to match the minimalist theme in the house you built.

  1. Use a similar pattern

Minimalist homes are usually synonymous with neutral color shades such as black, white, beige and gray. But actually, this is not mandatory, you know, Mother.

Mother can still combine neutral colors with other paints for home decor. For example, a minimalist house wall is dominated by brown. Then part of the display, furniture or other wall decorations can be given a touch of reddish color, or another color that is still harmonious with brown.

Contemporary Minimalist Home Interior Color
  1. Fill the vase with dried flowers

A simple way to bring a minimalist impression to your tiny house is to add a clear vase filled with plants to the table. Whether it’s beside the bed, as well as the living room table and work desk.

Instead of filling it with fresh flowers, try something different, like dried flowers or modern pampas grass. The color of this grass is brownish so it matches the neutral nuances in your minimalist home.

Contemporary Minimalist Home Interior
  1. Hang the shelves in a decorative manner

To add aesthetic value to the house, you can use beautiful hanging shelf furniture. You need at least three shelves to be placed in sequence on the wall.

Hanging racks from wood are suitable for beautifying the kitchen and family room. When choosing a hanging shelf, don’t forget to pay attention to the color choices too.

  1. Use a storage box

Minimalist house may not have a lot of storage area, or a large warehouse. So the presence of a box to store goods is quite important.

Choose a storage box that’s aesthetically pleasing, then place it on a cupboard, under a sofa, or on a shelf. We recommend that the box is filled with objects that are rarely used, so that the minimalist house doesn’t look cluttered.

  1. Select a painting

The choice of painting in a minimalist home design also needs to be considered, Mother. The selected painting needs to show its simplicity.

A single line image will look elegant and attractive. This will show the minimalist impression of Mother’s house.

  1. Ornamental plants

Do you like to maintain ornamental plants? You can put it in the room. Indoor ornamental plants can beautify the inside of your house, as well as clean the air.

There are many choices of indoor ornamental plants that you can put in the house. If you want, you can also make a modern terrarium. For example, it is filled with strong succulent ornamental plants to be planted indoors. Goodluck for Contemporary Minimalist Home Interior.

Storage Design Ideas for Kids, which is Super Cute and Beautiful

Storage Design Ideas for Kids, which is Super Cute and Beautiful

Storage Design Ideas for Kids under bed
Children’s cot and storage by Bigger Than The Three of Us // biggerthanthethreeofus.com

Arranging a child’s room or playroom with lots of items, making storage areas an important element that keeps the room clean and tidy. As is well known, children often find it difficult to organize and store their belongings. On the other hand, they also have difficulty finding certain items because they are not stored properly. Well, this time Arsitag.com will share ideas for storage for children to make it easier for them to store and find their belongings.

Lounge Chair with Window Shelf and Storage Drawer

Storage Design Ideas for Kids
Shelves, drawers and lounge chairs by the window by MA Allen Interiors // housebeautiful.com

Storage Design Ideas for Kids

Children always need a fun place to play. With the concept of smart seating, your children can freely play casually. And also, items within easy reach. In addition, because of its position near the window, it will give a bright impression that makes the mood to play more excited and fun.

Shelf with Basket for Separating and Organizing Items

Storage rack with baskets
Storage rack with baskets by Young House Love // ​​housebeautiful.com

The next toy storage idea is very practical for tidy up activities. A storage rack with a basket will make it easier for your child and you to separate your things. This easy-to-move basket will make it easier for you when tidying and tidying things. Even children will have no trouble finding the items or toys they are looking for.

Storage and Display at the same time

Storage rack as well as display rack Veneer Designs // housebeautiful.com

Try to pay attention to differences in your child’s behavior when tidying things. For example, do your daughters tend to be tidier than boys, or vice versa. Therefore, you can try a children’s toy rack that combines closed storage and open storage for display models. You can arrange the dolls on open shelves, while books you rarely read in closed storage. Take advantage of closed shelves to avoid a messy impression.

Toy Storage Under the Bed

Storage Design Ideas for Kids
Toy storage drawer under the bed by Bri Heiligenthal // instagram.com

You can use the space under the bed as a storage area, be it for clothes or toys. Some children like the kind of play as if they are “building” something, like assembling a railroad track. In this case, adequate storage for children is needed.

Playroom with “Floating” Bed

Storage Design Ideas for Boys Kids
Boys’ room with loafing bed by Oeuf le Blog // thespruce.com

The next children’s room storage concept is suitable for those of you who have limited space. You can still create a playground as well as a child’s room, you know. The “floating” bed will give you extra space at the bottom, so it can be used to place a variety of storage or storage areas.

Decorative Storage Cabinets

Decorative Storage Design Ideas for Kids
Decorative storage cabinet by Marie Willumsen // thespruce.com

Storage ideas for children can also use decorative cabinets. In fact, you can order furniture specifically or make it yourself by making a few modifications. As a result, you will have a beautiful piece of furniture for your child’s room or playroom.

All-inclusive concept table

All-in table custom Storage Design Ideas for Kids
All-in table custom made by Joanna // greencanoe.pl

The concept of a combination of shelves and tables is perfect for practical and versatile storage for children. The table has a large storage area that can be used to store various toys and supplies. In addition, a well-organized storage will make it easier for you to place various items. Especially for your little one’s learning needs, from books to various stationery.

Storage Design Ideas for Kids is crucial in a child’s room or playroom. Often times, they need a space that is not only large, but also well organized. The storage area that is accompanied by an organizer will also make it easier for you to clean up later.

May you can apply this Storage Design Ideas for Kids