Bathroom Sink with Cabinet – Bathroom Interior Design

It is not only the living room or room that you need to pay attention to the design and furniture used, but the bathroom also needs to be your attention to get a comfortable atmosphere, because the bathroom is also one of the places that you often visit and linger in it. For that you can choose to use a bathroom sink with a cabinet.

Bathroom sinks and cabinets are differentiated by different places and functions, such as kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks. The second one has its own functions and benefits for its users.

Bathroom Interior Design

For a bathroom sink with its own cabinet, it has benefits for you besides being able to make the bathroom more comfortable but also tidier and more organized because you can store all your toiletries and arrange them neatly in the cabinet. You can store towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste and so on so that they are tidier and also easy to find.

Bathroom Sink with Cabinet

Besides being able to be used to store your various toiletries, it can also be used for your place to decorate because usually the sink cabinet is also equipped with additional glass or mirrors of various sizes.

Even though it is placed in the bathroom or kitchen section, you also need to pay close attention to the sink cabinet model so that the appearance of your bathroom or kitchen becomes more attractive as well as providing a sense of comfort for you if the size used is appropriate.

Bathroom Sink with Cabinet - Bathroom Interior Design

Especially now that you can easily get various kinds of reference models and designs of sink cabinets that you can choose and adjust to your needs and interior design. You can choose a minimalist or classic design to match the concept of the room you have.

The types of materials used are also quite diverse, ranging from solid wood types such as teak, to multiplex and other materials for cabinet parts. And while for the top table you can use granite or wood and so on.

As for the bowl on the sink, you can choose various models and sizes as well as basic materials, for example 2 holes with a square, oval shape or so on according to your taste which is also adjusted to the concept of the sink cabinet and also the size you will make.

For those of you who are still confused in choosing the design or concept that you will use on the bathroom sink with your cabinet, then you can see the pictures that we share.

And here are some examples of bathroom sinks with cabinets that can be your reference material.

Bathroom Sink with Cabinet
Bathroom Sink with Cabinet

7 Unique Bathroom Lighting Fixtures 2020

7 Unique Bathroom Lighting Fixtures Choices, for elegant bathroom.

One important aspect that should not be ignored when arranging a bathroom is certainly the maximum lighting. However, there is one thing that may be less of a concern, namely the aesthetic aspect. Bathroom lighting designs can be both functional and aesthetic.

If you replace the regular bathroom lights with lamps that have a unique and cool design, it will instantly change the look of your bathroom. Its flexible nature allows various shapes and ornaments of bathroom decorative lights to easily blend with the theme of the room. Because usually the residents of the house do not apply a certain theme in the bathroom. Its existence actually creates a special atmosphere that makes your bathroom more character.

Some of the following super cool bathroom light designs can be used as a source of inspiration to apply in your respective homes.

Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

  1. Hanging Bathroom Lighting Fixtures as Focal Point

There is no rule that says that bathroom lighting designs should be small. You can use a super-large bathroom light like this one and hang it right above the bathtub as a focal point for the room. By using a lamp like this, you no longer need any decorations to decorate the bathroom.

Bathroom Lighting Fixtures
  1. Industrial Bathroom Lighting Fixtures theme

industrial theme, can be option lighting fixtures for the bathroom. Just like any other room in the house, you can design a bathroom in any style or design you like. This bathroom lighting design gives an industrial touch to the room. The lamp is placed directly on the glass so that the light can be reflected all over the room.

industrial bathroom lamp design
  1. Elegant Gold Wall Sconces Bathroom Lighting Fixtures in the Bathroom
bathroom light

Wall scones are one of the favorite types of lamps for use in the bathroom. A wide selection of colors and styles of wall scones frees you to choose a design that suits your taste and bathroom theme. For an elegant classic look, consider choosing wall scones in gold that match the color of the room.

  1. Rustic Style Pendant Lamp
rustic Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

To complete the rustic style in your bathroom, add a pendant lamp with a light bulb in a wire cage with an authentic shape. For a more unique look, use a traditional hoist system using wheels and chains.

  1. Moroccan style bathroom lighting design
moroccan Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Moroccan style that is unique and easily recognizable is a favorite style for some people. This bathroom design carries the overall Moroccan style. Every detail, starting from the color, accent walls, mirrors, and of course the bathroom lighting design carries a similar shape.

  1. Unique and Elegant Cone Black Bathroom Light

The shape of the lampshade that resembles a black cone with ornaments looks beautiful and unique. Besides being functional, the design of this bathroom lamp is also a decorative touch in a bathroom that is dominated by brown and white.

  1. Contrast Pendant Lights

The design of bathroom lamps that are functional and aesthetically pleasing does not only pay attention to the shape or model of the lamp itself, but also needs to pay attention to color selection. The black pendant lamp will contrast with the dominance of white in the entire room. Precisely this is what makes it look much cooler.

Old Bathroom Remodeling Cost 2020 So Modern

Old Bathroom Remodeling Cost So Modern Minimalist. This is the budget!

This minimalist bathroom was originally an old bathroom. With a budget of Rp. 10 million, the owner makes it very neat!
A minimalist bathroom is one of the important things for a house besides an aesthetic design.

Keep in mind, if the bathroom is part of home sanitation that must be considered properly.

Because, the sanitation system is one of the important priorities, especially a minimalist bathroom is an important thing that is often considered cleanliness.

Generally, bathroom cleanliness is often a very sensitive thing for residents of the house.

If cleanliness is not considered properly, it will have harmful effects on the occupants of the house.

The dirty and unkempt character can make residents of the house feel uncomfortable when in the bathroom.

Therefore, it is important for us to maintain a clean and hygienic bathroom.

One such exemplary inspiration is the minimalist bathroom owned by someone named Engelia Soei on her personal YouTube channel.

So what is the inspiration for the bathroom remodeling? Check out the following discussion.

Prior to the renovation process, this modest bathroom was in poor condition
Based on his personal YouTube channel, Engel explained that before the renovation process, the bathroom in the house he lived in was in quite poor condition.

Because, the surface of the walls in the bathroom can be said to have been cracked and split a lot, so it looks very untidy.

This bathroom space is also not equipped with a ceiling, so it will be very dangerous for the occupants of the house when taking a shower if it rains.

Not only that, the entire bathroom in this house is also very easy to leak, so rainwater or some other part can enter the bathroom instantly.

With the bathroom in such a bad condition, it is very important that it should be renovated.

Bathroom renovation is not just an aesthetic factor, but also the function of the bathroom so that house sanitation and waterways are also in adequate condition.

Interesting facts about the design of an old bathroom into a modern bathroom with only Rp. 10 million
There are some interesting facts about the old bathroom design that was renovated into a minimalist bathroom with the following inspiration.

  1. The renovation process for this modern minimalist bathroom took two months

Although the results are very good, the bathroom renovation process in this house is quite long, which is about two months.

Before After Bathroom Remodeling
Before After Bathroom Remodeling

This is because the hosts tend to be busy, so the bathroom renovation process was carried out in stages.

This bathroom was designed and the host noticed the renovation process.

  1. Apart from the renovation process, this bathroom was also extended to the rear

Not only is it just the bathroom renovation process, it turns out that this bathroom has also been expanded, considering there is an empty land behind the house.

Cost Bathroom Remodeling

The size of the bathroom in the house was expanded to the back with an increasingly large dimension.

Thus, you will not believe that the bathroom in this house is designed with a very minimalist capital.

Besides being used for the bathroom, the host also added a special room in the house.

  1. The bathroom roof was previously only zinc, but now it is firmly installed

In the past, the bathroom in this house was made of semi-permanent materials, even the roof of the bathroom often leaked.

So, it is very different from the latest main bathroom designs.

The neat monochrome nuance with the permanent bathroom wall is designed in a very neat and classy manner.

  1. Minimalist bathroom design with effective utilization of spatial layout

Although this bathroom is expanded, the hosts very well consider the layout of the bathroom.

Not only the placement of unique toiletries, but also the layout of the bathroom you want to use.

To increase the space so that it is spacious and comfortable, the host also replaced the bath with a shower to make it easier to shower.

  1. Inspiration for a small, minimalist bathroom is decorative

Currently, bathroom decoration is one part of contemporary art that is in demand by many people

A unique, decorative, minimalist bathroom design can be an interesting example in designing a decorative bathroom.

You can see the decorative accent in this bathroom in the use of plaid accents and the unique bathroom floor design.

Not only in terms of function and aesthetics, all parts and cabinets of the bathroom are also well considered by the host.

  1. Very good attention to detail

With unique bathroom decorative inspiration, the attention to detail produced in this bathroom also looks aesthetically pleasing and unique.

Not only are bathroom decorations aesthetically pleasing, unique decorations and bathroom shower curtains are also well considered.

To maximize the space in the bathroom, there is a glass cabinet that is large enough to include toiletries or make up for the host.

  1. There are plants in the bathroom

Apart from the aesthetic and functional side of a very cool minimalist bathroom, there is one thing that is not common in bathrooms.

This is the presence of green plants in the bathroom shower.

Even though it looks unusual, the leaves seem to create an atmosphere and inspiration for a more vibrant and aesthetic bathroom.

It can be concluded that the combination of this bathroom renovation looks very perfect, even at a limited cost.

This list of bathroom fixtures can be an interesting preference for home renovation
Based on Engelia Soei’s YouTube channel, there are several details on the bathroom renovation equipment and budget with unique and aesthetic inspiration.

Meanwhile, the details of this unique bathroom renovation budget are as follows:

Budget for Bathroom Remodeling:

  • Ceramic Wall Kyra white Rp. 85 thousand / box x 15 boxes: Rp1,275,000
  • Ceramic floor Rp. 80 thousand / box, use 8 boxes, total: Rp. 640,000
  • Cabinet mirror: IDR1.6 million
  • Toto sink: IDR 1.5 million
  • Granite shower and sink Rp. 275 thousand / box x 2: 550 thousand
  • Closet Toto Eco Flush hydraulic technology: IDR 2.3 million
  • Shower set: Rp1, 9 million
  • Toilet tissue holder: IDR 88,500
  • Toilet brush: Rp. 16,750
  • Shower curtain: IDR 33,000
  • Curtain rod: Rp. 80 thousand
  • Paralon: IDR 15 thousand
  • Towel hanger: Rp. 133,500

Total Bathroom Remodeling Cost : IDR 10,131,000 about $684

Those are some interesting facts about inspiring unique bathrooms with affordable renovation costs.

Hopefully it will be an attractive preference for those of you who are designing aesthetically pleasing bathroom designs at affordable prices.