10 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles

before you shoping about tiles for your bathroom, good to read this 10 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles.

Planning the tile arrangement well can help in the process of arranging, placing, and determining what equipment is needed. Poor planning will definitely not produce perfect results.

  1. Plan carefully.
plan for choosing tiles home

To get the most perfect result, you have to plan every detail in great detail. Do you want a shower, bathtub or even excess? Everything must be planned in advance. Also make sure that supporting things like electricity are arranged neatly behind the bathroom wall. Other details such as medicine cabinet, lights for bathroom glass, and exhaust must be prepared from scratch.

  1. Check the tile size again.
10 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles

The biggest mistake that is often done is the wrong size of the tiles. You should buy a sample of the tile you want to use and try placing it in your bathroom, then soaking the tile in water to ensure quality.

  1. Arrange the tiles from the bathroom roof to the floor.
Choosing Bathroom Tiles white colors

Most bathroom floors require tiles that must be cut to fill in the gaps between the wall and floor. By arranging the tiles from the roof to the floor, it will be easier for you to avoid tiles for gaps at the bottom. Make sure to make a design on the bathroom wall before laying tiles onto the wall.

When you want to make bathroom water linear or elongated, the air gap flows directly into the main water channel so that the air can flow properly and does not stagnate in the linear gap.

  1. Be careful when tile shortcuts near windows and doors.
brick Bathroom Tiles

The arrangement of tiles near windows and doors is very important to note. It is a little difficult to apply a waterproof system to the tiles near the door or window. Make sure the waterproof system that is applied to your bathroom is well designed so that you can prevent water from getting into the tiles or window frames.

  1. Make the air duct well.
Choosing Bathroom Tiles with bathup

Placement of drains in the bathroom must be considered and requires proper planning. Once you’ve determined what you want your air ducts to be, experiment with spilling a large amount of air in the bathroom so you can see if your air ducts are working properly.

  1. Leak-proof protector.
leack protect Bathroom Tiles

Create a dividing tile between the shower room and the dry bathroom space like the picture above. With the arrangement of tiles arranged around the glass door separating the bathroom and the dry area can be a tip to avoid air flow to dry areas.

  1. Caution for floors that use gravel.
glass foor Bathroom Tiles

When you design a bathroom using a pebble floor, it must be remembered that this kind of floor takes longer to absorb air. The distance between the stones as wide as half to one centi can be one way to absorb air more quickly. The use of epoxy paint can also help absorb water while you are showering.

  1. Pay attention to each installation step.
Choosing brick Bathroom Tiles

Stacking tiles with natural stone can enhance the look of your bathroom. You can make a prior experiment on a plank and let it dry before you total the bathroom. Let the bathroom floor dry for a few days after installation, then close the gaps between the tiles. Each step takes several days for it to dry.

  1. Details can change the appearance.

Good design and attention to other small details make a bathroom look neat and seamless. For example by using a different tile design for one of the rooms between the shower and the dry area. End of 10 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles.

  1. Make the design of the soap holder on the bathroom wall wider.

When designing a soap holder on the shower wall of your bathroom, the first thing you have to determine is how much you want the size result to be. However, when working, the size becomes bigger by about 2 to 5 cm. This will set you back when installing your bathroom tiles.

In the end, we hope that you can make your bathroom comfort. with this this 10 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles.

Rearranging Minimalist Tiny Bathroom

Rearranging Minimalist Tiny Bathroom

Arranging a small, minimalist bathroom to fit everything in the available space is like filling a large crossword puzzle. There are several challenges that must be faced including: combining the toilet and sink, providing sufficient space for a shower and, determining the place for the towel.

The following tips can help you to design a tiny bathroom.

glass bathroom minimalist

Corner Bathroom Ideas (Source: zillow.com)

  1. Place the corner sink.
corner sink minimalist bathroom

Even the countertop sink can sometimes interfere with the only movement path available in the bathroom.

Placing a corner sink across from the toilet is better than a sink opposite the shower. Bathroom door openings usually create uncomfortable conditions in tight spaces.

Small Bathroom Ideas with Contemporary Colors (Source: usnow.org)

  1. Use a shower curtain.
curtain Rearranging Minimalist Tiny Bathroom

You can remove shower glass dividers and replace them with curtains with interesting patterns and colors. Besides being able to save space, curtains also add privacy as well as beautify the appearance of a tiny bathroom. Choose materials that are light and bright, which make the room look more spacious.

Electic California Bungalow Home Design (Source: mydomaine.com)

  1. Choose a self-adhesive sink.

Apart from visually making the bathroom appear more spacious, the installation of a table against the wall above the floor frees up a little space for other small items.

Luxury Small Bathroom Ideas (Source: Etangeco.com)

  1. Use a variation of the sink table shape.
Rearranging Minimalist Tiny Bathroom

Sharp table corners can be dangerous in a narrow bathroom space. Choose an alternative table with curved or multi-faceted stripes.

Inspiring Small Bathroom Designs (Source: stevewilliamskitchens.co.uk)

  1. Choose a sink with one shelf.
furniture minimalist bathroom

The table design with one shelf can do double duty. Besides being used to hang towels, it can also be used to store toilet paper baskets.

Brian Patrick Flynn Small Bathroom (Source: hgtv.com)

  1. Play in large scale patterns.
curtain minimalist bathroom

Using tricky line patterns or large geometric shapes can trick the eye, making a small bathroom appear larger.

Bathroom Color Schemes (Source: homedit.com)

  1. Install a large mirror.
big mirror minimalist bathroom

Installing a large mirror that fills the wall and not just a sink table can be used as a trick to create a roomy impression in a tight space. In addition, the use of a large mirror can save space so that it can be used by two people at once.

Bathroom Towel Decorating (Source: carldrogo.com)

  1. Install the towel hanger on the door.
towel hanger minimalist bathroom

For minimal space, installing a towel hanger on the bathroom door has a double function. Besides being able to save space, the towel hanger on the door will be very efficient, making it easier for us to move.

Bathroom ideas for Small Bathrooms (Source: khabars.net)

  1. Install the trough sink.
Rearranging Minimalist Tiny Bathroom

Besides being small and elegant, this sink model is one solution with an attractive space appearance. The trough sink has a low profile. When mounted against the wall, this sink will free up floor space as well as for storage or human movement.

Bathroom ideas for Small Bathrooms (Source: khabars)

  1. Use a faucet attached to the wall.

Try to install the faucet against the wall so that it gives enough space for a narrow sink or countertop area, ultimately freeing up wiggle room throughout the bathroom.