Bathroom Sink with Cabinet – Bathroom Interior Design

It is not only the living room or room that you need to pay attention to the design and furniture used, but the bathroom also needs to be your attention to get a comfortable atmosphere, because the bathroom is also one of the places that you often visit and linger in it. For that you can choose to use a bathroom sink with a cabinet.

Bathroom sinks and cabinets are differentiated by different places and functions, such as kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks. The second one has its own functions and benefits for its users.

For a bathroom sink with its own cabinet, it has benefits for you besides being able to make the bathroom more comfortable but also tidier and more organized because you can store all your toiletries and arrange them neatly in the cabinet. You can store towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste and so on so that they are tidier and also easy to find.

Besides being able to be used to store your various toiletries, it can also be used for your place to decorate because usually the sink cabinet is also equipped with additional glass or mirrors of various sizes.

Even though it is placed in the bathroom or kitchen section, you also need to pay close attention to the sink cabinet model so that the appearance of your bathroom or kitchen becomes more attractive as well as providing a sense of comfort for you if the size used is appropriate.

Especially now that you can easily get various kinds of reference models and designs of sink cabinets that you can choose and adjust to your needs and interior design. You can choose a minimalist or classic design to match the concept of the room you have.

The types of materials used are also quite diverse, ranging from solid wood types such as teak, to multiplex and other materials for cabinet parts. And while for the top table you can use granite or wood and so on.

As for the bowl on the sink, you can choose various models and sizes as well as basic materials, for example 2 holes with a square, oval shape or so on according to your taste which is also adjusted to the concept of the sink cabinet and also the size you will make.

For those of you who are still confused in choosing the design or concept that you will use on the bathroom sink with your cabinet, then you can see the pictures that we share.

And here are some examples of bathroom sinks with cabinets that can be your reference material.

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