sometimes the space under the stairs becomes empty, In this article we will present you12 Bathroom Concepts Under the Stairs.

Sometimes the space under the stairs becomes empty, In this article we will present you12 Bathroom Concepts Under the Stairs.

When guests visit, sometimes they want to take a ride to the bathroom. As a home owner, sometimes feel uncomfortable when inviting outsiders to use a private bathroom. Especially if it is located far behind, the contents of the house are all visible, right?

So, if your house has stairs, why not use the space under the stairs to just build a mini bathroom? This bathroom can later be filled with a toilet and sink and then functioned as a dry bathroom for guests. Try it, first look at the various designs that are already. Tips, collect the following Bathroom Concepts Under the Stairs.

Bathroom Concepts Under the Stairs

1. A minimalist-style bathroom with a predominantly white color that reflects simplicity. Provide a small window for lighting

2. Still with a minimalist concept but the floor is made of different materials, the bottom of the sink is also made of a cupboard to cover messy cables

3. If the remaining area under the stairs is only about 1.5 m x 1.5 m, the toilet and sink can be made one layer like this. Add a mirror to give the bathroom a spacious impression

4. In order not to be so stuffy and stifling, the door can be made to float like this to get in and out of the air

5. In order not to be monotonous, you can use ceramic motifs for the walls. But just make the floor plain

6. Or vice versa, use a patterned floor and plain walls. Adjust it to your taste

7. To display a rustic impression, you can add wooden properties such as sink tables and rattan baskets for towels or tissue containers. Also flowers in glass bottles as a sweetener

8. The use of bright wall colors can also give a roomy impression to the bathroom under the stairs

9. Other rustic designs can be realized through wooden floors, walls and roofs. The addition of wall hangings in the form of handicrafts made of thread also emphasized the traditional impression

10. Other ornaments in the form of chandeliers and mirrors wrapped around ropes also make your bathroom fresh

11. Even though it is narrow and simple, equip your bathroom under your stairs with a mini shelf that stores several supplies such as tissues, towels or air freshener.

12. Even though it is small, the bathroom under the stairs also has the right to look beautiful. One of them is in the famous Victorian style for elegance

All the bathroom designs under the stairs that have been Hipwee Tips shared earlier will be more comfortable if you clean it regularly, so it doesn’t look stuffy and scary. Especially if the bathroom is used as a dry bathroom, aka a powder room, which only accommodates the toilet, sink and dressing table. Hopefully it will make you feel more at home!

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